Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,


You know how you see things so often you no longer see them anymore? Have you ever noticed just how much of a shock it is when you notice them again? I've been doing that I a lot lately. "WTF?! When did that overpass get there and how long have I been driving under it to get to work?" (Oh, about four months, Jenn.) "Crap! When did that six story apartment building materialize and why haven't I noticed it before?" (Because you have been oblivious for the 2+ years you've been driving by it every time you go through Kirkland, maybe?)

It is very disconcerting. It pushes my sense of disassociation out a bit - which is usually not a problem, I like that "this isn't really real" sense, but it has been happening a LOT lately.

Speaking of noticing things... There is this guy I see on my way to work. At first, I thought he was a college student. He has that casual look. Then, I realized he walks away from BCC every morning. In any case, there is something about this guy that just makes me go *rowr!* I want to rip his clothes off and lick him from head to toe! Who cares that he's probably at least ten years my junior. Want. Now! I don't see him every morning but the mornings I do... *leer*

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