Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

FYI on King County Animal services....

If the animal is not bleeding or attacking someone, King County Animal services is closed on Sundays. Period.

Yes, I found a beautiful, friendly, collarless, black and white cat on the way home. Very clean, a little scared and definitely a people cat. Wants attention and all that. So, I have it (I think it is a her) in the play room and I have to wait until tomorrow for animal control to come get her. In the meantime, I've plastered my complex with messages with:

Stray black and white cat found
Will keep until Monday, November 7th.
Then will call animal control.
Very friendly kitty. In good health. No collar.
If this is your cat, call me at XXX-XXX-XXX.

Esme is one very pissed off cat right now. She won't come near me.

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