Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

Zombies Anyone?

Oh, yeah. There's something going on in my head.

Dream Snippet: I was in a car with a bunch of other people. We were fleeing to a military base. We get into a hanger and get out of the car. The military people want us to get into an open air tram looking car that reminded me of an amusement park tour ride. Then, I found out we had to travel across the zombie filled base to the helicopters. I am less than thrilled at this. A visibly pregnant woman sits next to me, looking nervous and my thought is, "Well, I don't have to outrun the zombies, I just have to outrun you. In fact, one easy hip check and you're the sacrifice to distract the zombies."

Then, I shake my head. I'm not that self serving. I get out of the open air tram and go back to the car to find that a very fat military man has taken my seat. He nods at me, his eyes cold. I realize that everyone in the tram is bait for the zombies. It occurs to me that maybe I need to be a bit more self serving if I'm going to survive. If I don't get on those helicopters on the other side of the base, my chance of survival drops dramatically. I look back at the tram and start figuring out how many of them I can overpower or outrun.

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