Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

Dreamer Interrupted

Lake Washington was really beautiful this morning. It was misty and cloudy. The wind was cold from the North and lonely bird cries occasionally broke the silence. I really need to get some sort of wet winter coat with a hood if I want to keep visiting Lake Washington on weekends. Maybe something with a removable liner.

This morning, I met Jeff, former marine, current firefighter and scuba enthusiast. He came to Lake Washington to go on a scavenger hunt to see what people have lost in the water. But, as he confessed, mostly that is just an excuse for him to be in the water. We talked while he got ready. He wanted to make sure I wasn't fishing. His presence during my thinking/dreaming time sparked a possible future Kendrick story idea. I'm not sure what the story will be (I'm leaning towards a murder/ghost story) but Jeff has the perfect heroic look that I will borrow for the story.

I watched his scuba bubble trail off and on for about 20 minutes while I let my mind drift as it usually does when I am at the water by myself. It was so pretty. I did not want to leave but the cold was getting to me. Next time, I wear my heavy coat.

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