Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

"My, that's a nice mid-life crisis you have there. Does it come in blue, too?"

Apparently, the cure for the mid-life muddle is a sports car. Speaking of which, I almost bought one today. A 2004 Saturn Ion Quad-Coup. Used. Cheap enough for me to pay with cash if I turned in my old Saturn. It was silver with 270 horse power and one hell of a lot of get up and go.

Ok. I didn't almost buy it. But, I did test drive it and the thought seriously stuck in my mind for about 2 minutes. It was a stick shift. Sweet to drive. Guaranteed to get me ticketed within six months of buying it. Made poor Sterling feel positively mushy and slow on the drive home. I really liked "quad coup" style and I'm suddenly considering a two door car for my next car.

Now, I'm even more afraid to test drive any other zippy cars because I will want them - a whole lot.

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