Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

My Morning

Jennifer says:
$970 + tax
Fuck me running sideways with a chainsaw!
My car went into the shop for the 60K maintenance...

Nick says:
That's a lot of moooooo laaaaah

Jennifer says:
$260 there abouts... until they found all sorts of interesting things with my transmission and steering column. Ah, well. I can cover it. They are going to check and see how much is covered by my extended warranty.

Nick says:
At 60k miles it must be getting close to the end of your extended?

Jennifer says:
So much for my mid-life muddle tangent of selling my condo and buying a snazzy new car. If I'm putting $1000 into it, I'm keeping it for another year at least.

No. 7 year extended warranty from the time I bought it in 2003.

Nick says:
You could always ditch it and use it for a down payment. And get something convertible.

Jennifer says:
Nah. I can't do anything about my mid-life muddle until next year because of circumstances I really can't go into. Plus, I really need the condo for the tax write off due selling a bunch of MS stock this year.

Nick says:
But ... but .... but .... Convertible!

Jennifer says:
I don't like convertibles. I would get a PT Cruiser, a Mini-Coop or a Prius.

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