Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,


My poem Fear has been published at Voracity along with my updated bio. I really need to get a better erotica author photo. Basically, something in the same pose but better quality.

For the record, Marsh Park off of Lake Washington Blvd at about NE 66th Lane is beautiful, interesting and serene in the mornings before anyone else gets there. I had the need to get out of the house but still be alone this morning and there I went. As soon as I sat down on the pier a large fish leapt out of the water about 20 yards away from me. It was really cool. I suspect this is going to become one of my "get away" places.

I am still in a Neverwhere state of mind. Things don't feel quite real right now. I can't figure out if I like this feeling or if I should be disturbed by it.

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