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Abstract Thoughts has been updated with Two Week Summary because I don't have the brain power for a more interesting title. Mostly about the visit with friends and writing.

October 11, 2005
Two Week Summary
All my guests have gone home now and I am sad. Next time, it will be my turn to visit them. For Heather and Chris, most likely, I'll see them early next year. For Ice, it will be more than a year. He and I seem to visit each other every two years or so. I wish we lived closer. I do. He really makes me think and choose my words carefully. That is, when he's not telling stories about the women he's dated or someone almost throwing up on some (VIP) person's shoes. I like the balance. Most of the time, we're laid back and casual. But, when he gets that look and tone of voice, I know we're going to be discussing something important to him.

There is a really good chance that Heather and Chris will be moving up here in a year or so. The idea of it makes me very happy. I get along with them very well. Heather and I have an understanding and friendship that is very rare for me. I don't get along with women that often. I'm not sure why. Just know is.

We didn't do any touristy things. No time, really. It's ok. The purpose of the visit was for us to see each other. I forgot that Ice calls me Kitty. No one else does. But, because it is him and I recognize his voice and such, I respond to it like it's my real name. Obviously, Ice is not his real name. It's just what we called him in college. It was the whole Den Mother thing. My handle was not Kitty, though. I'm not sure where he got that from. Maybe from my email address. It's ok. I still like it and he's been calling me that for years.

As an aside, I told Google "No thanks." For now, anyway. They didn't want to talk to me about becoming a Product Manager and I'm not ready to shift to a new QA job - especially one that requires coding. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't get past the interview stage anyway because of the coding questions.

On the bright side, because of the SQL Query class I just took, I know a lot more about SQL queries and how they relate to my job. That makes it all the more interesting.

This last week has been an interesting one for me in writing terms. Maybe I should do a weekly writing synopsis like M'ris does. Nah. This was just an unusually busy week.

1. Strange Horizons rejected "The Komatsu."

2. Savvy Insider made my article on debt free living the finance feature for last week.

3. Savvy Insider then made my article on acting like a grown up the finance feature for this week AND made my article on first dates with someone you meet from online the main feature article for this week.

4. Ryan and I talked and I get to write two more story ends for the (still unnamed) Fate project.

5. I posted a call for submission for Grants Pass on Ralan and I'm now receiving stories. I'm terribly excited about this.

6. Voracity Beat picked up my poem "Fear" for next month's issue I believe and has requested a short story from me. I'm pondering my erotic Christmas ghost story in the Kendrick universe called "Hall of Mirrors" for it.

7. Finally, I'm waiting to hear from Black Gate if they accepted my review of "Four and Twenty Blackbirds" for Issue #9. I hope so.

The House of Hands? Oh, erm. Well. It's still in the works. Really. I'll get back to it soon. After I do the two story ends. Or, maybe before then. I really do need to finish it. I know.

As much as I liked having my friends around and I already miss them, I'm really looking forward to my alone time. Time just for me to do whatever the heck I want to do without interacting with people in a familiar way. Things like reading, watching movies, writing or doing one of my myriad of little projects: the Dream tome; Project Dead Tree (printing out and organizing all my writing); the Purge - Take 2: The bedroom. The list goes on. I have not had any alone time for a week and suddenly, I have this urge to do all sorts of projects/chores that, essentially, I must do alone.

I guess this goes alone with my dislike of "people." I like and enjoy the company of individuals. But, get me in a crowd and I am uncomfortable. It feels like too many egos are beating against mine for the spotlight, demanding attention from me that I do not wish to give. Not to mention the phenomena of the mob mentality sinking to the lowest common denominator. I don't like my emotions being sway by the current prevailing emotion. You don't think this is true? Go to a live sporting event. You'll be chanting along with "your" side in no time.

I think my need/desire for company versus my need/desire for solitude runs about 45%-55% in favor of solitude. If I don't get enough solitude to recharge, I know I get grumpy and snappish. I don't like me very much when I'm like that and I can't imagine it's much fun for the people around me. In any case, tonight, I have a date with a book and a movie and nothing else.

Tarot Card for the Day: Two of Pentacles

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