Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

Normal? Meh.

Ice went home last night. I'm sad. I've really missed having him around. He pushes me on my thought process. He claims to be a knuckle-dragger but he's not. He just thinks in a different way.

Heather and Chris go home tomorrow at the crack of dawn. I'm sad at that thought, too. They've been a lot of fun to have around.

This morning, I received my first completed Grants Pass submission from someone I don't know and didn't solicit. Five days after posting the call for submission on the Ralan list. Not bad.

I have two more Fate project story ends to write for Ryan this week. It's such fun writing. Then, I'll go back and focus on the House of Hands.

After tonight, things are supposed to get back to "normal" but I'm not sure I like that.

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