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September 29
Mr. Wolf

This has been a rough week at work. Crunch time to get SP1 out the door. It's nice to be fought over by the various dev teams but it can be a bit confuzzling when I get yanked from one project to the other. I have to do a quick mental change. But, my QA-fu is strong. I am starting to feel like the person trying to hold back the flood by patching individual holes in the dam.

I guess I'm sort of like Mr. Wolf from Pulp Fiction. I'm the expert. I'm pulled in to fix the problem. The only issue with this is the fact that I'm not officially leading anything right now. So, I've already accidentally stepped on one guy's toes. He didn't seem to notice but my dev lead did and politely stopped it. I'm just so used to walking into a situation and taking charge that, sometimes, it's hard to remember that I don't always have to do that.

In any case, this last week made me feel like I really validated myself to my new lead and the company. Two days on a product I had barely touched before and I had 10 bugs on my dev's plate. A couple of them critical bugs. It made me happy to find them. Happier that my dev complimented me on finding them. Nice to not have an adversarial relationship with my dev. Helps that we're friends, I suppose.


On the family front, my dad has been diagnosed with diabetes. I don't like hearing about my folks getting older, breaking down and getting sick. Frankly, it sucks. Despite our disagreements, I really am pretty close to my parents. I love them, respect them and do miss them. So, I pinged a bunch of my friends on living with diabetes or living with someone who has diabetes. Mostly, the advice that came back was that he has to learn to watch what he eats, to eat well and to exercise regularly. I passed all the advice forward to my mom. I'm not sure how much my dad is going to like that advice. He really likes his food and drink a lot.

It is ironic how the cure to so many common ills seems to be: Eat well and exercise. It is the one bit of advice no one wants to take. It is often the cheapest solution in the long run but one that takes constant vigilance and the most time. However, in our culture of instant gratification, no one wants to take advice that requires a consistent effort and self denial. This includes me. I don't like it but I've put myself into a situation that does require it. I don't know. It's just something to ponder. Eat well and exercise regularly. Seems so simple but isn't.


The housing market in my area is rising like crazy. Now that the siding/windows/etc construction is done,a bunch of people are selling in my condo complex. First, I started hearing about 3bed/2baths listing at $244K and $248K. Those were sold and off the market within a week. Now, there is a 3bed/2bath 1350 sq ft in the next court over being listed at $278K. My condo is 3bed/2bath, 1400 sq ft. I bought it two years ago for $200K. Interesting, yes? They have better countertops but I have more room.

My next door (as in, same building, same level) neighbors are moving out and going to sell their place. I've recommended them to my fabulous real estate guy who told me the longer I hold onto the condo, the more I will be able to sell it for. I wonder how much the condo next to me is going to go for. I guess living three miles from the main MS campus does have its perks. I hope that my new neighbors are interesting/cool people. If not that, then quiet and pleasant like my downstairs neighbors.


This hasn't been a good week for writing for me. I did polish the two Fate Project end stories, write and polish a third and send it all off. The editor seems to like them. I may end up writing more for him. But, my poor story, House of Hands, is stalled at a really interesting point. But, I've been so tired from work and the early arrival of Aunt Flo that I just haven't had the energy to put into it. Maybe this weekend if I don't have to work.

In the meantime, I'm working on the rough draft of my review of Cherie Priest's novel, Four and Twenty Blackbirds. It's an excellent novel. Gothic Southern Horror. Not something I normally pick up. I liked this one a lot. I may have to get some more. However, at the same time, I am both urged to finally finish putting Regresser's Evolution in final draft form (thus the November goal) and trying to bolster my low self-esteem doing the "I DON'T suck" dance. Just because cmpriest wrote an excellent first novel doesn't mean I can't. There is no one-to-one correspondence here. I am being published. Just in short story form and I haven't tried to get RE published yet. But, I will.

Tarot Card for the Day: Ace of Pentacles, Inverted

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