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Abstract Thoughts has been updated with Calming Down - Things are definitely on the upswing for the most part.

September 15
Calming Down

Things around Casa de Jennifer are finally settling down. The new roommate is almost all moved in. The playroom is still a disaster but is slowly getting into shape. Esme approves of the new roommate. All construction is done and the condo is slowly but surely getting cleaned up. At least, the list I wrote up last night is getting smaller. One big thing for me, my curtains being re-hung should happen this weekend and I will be very glad of that. Of course, I'm fighting with my urge to throw even more stuff out. Soon. When I'm a little saner, another purge. Probably of my bedroom.

As it seems that the Tuesday night game has gone by the way side (Le sigh), I have joined a new D&D game. Mostly, I joined it because my fabulous ex-boss PR asked me to and I can't say no to him. He's a pretty good GM, too, as it turned out. The game has 3 'Softies, 1 Googelite and me in it. Apparently, there is a lass from Renton in it as well but she's been a 'huge flake' lately. We play in one of the Red West buildings. It's a pretty nice building. I had not been in it before. I'm a little afraid that the game is going to be all hack and slash. But, PR assures me that it won't be despite the way the guys min-max like crazy.

The new refrigerator is here and is very snazzy... if a bit big for the kitchen. The kitchen is made for a "side by side" fridge. I bought a "freezer on top" one. Thus, the doors don't have the room to open up all the way. That's alright. It opens up enough and does what I want it to: keep the perishables from perishing. Though, I have to be careful when opening it... it's on wheels that easily turn. Both Ron and I have pulled the fridge out of place trying to open the door. Also, for future reference, there is no water line for an ice maker or door water dispenser. Go me for figuring that out before buying it! Now, I can go grocery shopping and get things like butter, cheese, milk, ranch dressing, etc...

One of my LiveJournal friends is really into making glass things: beads, plates, etc... Recently, she posted a picture of a small plate she made and, except for the color; it was exactly what I had been looking for as candle plates for the two candles for my mantle. So, I asked if she did commissions and she does! Yes! Now, she is doing two of the plates in green for me. If they look as good as I hope, I'll probably commission a couple more from her. Maybe for me. Maybe as gifts. I'm not sure, yet.

I've started writing for Savvy Insider. It's a webzine for the "Art of Single Living." The editor solicited me based on what she saw in my LiveJournal. I thought that was pretty cool. It doesn't pay right now but it is a fun gig. Basically, I get to write about stuff from my POV in a very tongue-in-cheek manner. Stuff about buying houses, finances, debt free living and other such things based on my experience. Maybe some of the things I have been through and have done to dig myself out will help others. Plus, it's good writing Karma. My writing docket is currently cleared of contracts right now. So, I have the time. It's good for the portfolio. It's also good for the creative side of me. I wrote two new stories. Now, four articles. I have another story waiting and a possible review coming down the pipeline.

Now that the construction (thus, the insane amount of noise) is done and the playroom is getting in shape, I'm thinking about fostering again. Of course, kitten season is pretty much over now. Still, some late season kittens may come in. I'd love to get a couple of healthy ones after we complete the play room. I just need to make sure that the room is ready and safe. Esme will have a royal fit about kittens in the condo again but she'll live with it.

Tarot Card for the Day: King of Swords, Inverted

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