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One thing...

... led to another.

Originally, I was just going out for cat food and litter pearls. Then, I decided I needed a new mop and some plastic place mats for my messy eaters. Then, I saw another "stink pretty" (as my dad says) and had to have it. As I was checking out, I remembered that I didn't have a swimsuit for tomorrow. So, off I went to the Mall. Size 22. Much better than the originally grabbed size 28. Small victories and all that. However, I'm still a size 22 which is depressing. Then, as I walked out, I noticed the GNC and remembered I was out of everything - vitamins, thermogenics, etc... I walked in and didn't see the thermongenics I liked (because they don't give me the shakes) and ended up having them call the store that Blinky used to work for. They had it. So, off I went to there. Georgia was working there. She clearly did not recognize me at all. Blinky came up in conversation. She wanted to know if he was alright. How he was doing. I burned off several minutes in hell by being polite and not being sardonically sarcastic with her.

Once home, there was some cuddle time with the kittens and a Father's Day call to my Dad that went well. Then, I shoved all of the kittens in the carrier and proceeded to vacuum and mop. The back end of the house looks and smells much better now. The litter pearls seem to be working. The place mats are down. Tonight, I'm going to feed all of the kittens from one plate to see how that goes.

I've even sent off a new story to Bloodfetish. I feel quite productive and accomplished today. I think I'll go read my Steve Perry book, The Digital Effect. Then, I'll write up all of the stories my youdidit character, Holly, heard. I discovered upon rereading my taboo that I have to keep a running record of all personal stories told to me. Good thing I like to write.

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