Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

Retail Therapy Anyone?

I got one of my credit card bills yesterday. Eep! It was a good $200 more than I had expected. I'm not in any danger of not being able to afford it but it goes to show how I have been dealing with the stress and sadness of the last 2 months: Retail Therapy.

Nothing too extravagant. Just a whole lot of lunches and dinners out, treating people because it makes me feel good to treat people to nice little things. A meal out is one of the quickest and easiest ways to say "I like you." Or "Thank you." Or "You've had a bad time. Here's a pick me up." On top of it, because I'm going to be giving away a full book shelf of books, I've been buying a lot more books, DVDs and music. Then, there have been the impulse "Oooh, pretty!" and "I want!" purchases. Online shopping is the worst for me.

So, after my vacation, I am going to shift into full miser mode for the rest of the year. Extremely limited lunches out (IE: no more than one a week) and I think I'm going to go on a cash/check only for treats for myself. The only exception will be birthday and Christmas gifts. Hmm. In fact, I think I'll give myself a monthly cash allowance for lunches. Once that's gone, it's gone for the month. Yeah. I like that idea.

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