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Why Me?

I really can't be the only one who gets random, weird ass email like this. I really can't be. This one is not one I will be responding to because it has "nutcase" written all over it. This particular email is all about a person's "true" experiences with the IRA (as in the Ireland Resistance) and their ESP talent. How do these people get my email address and why do they email me?

Date: Mon, 29 Aug 2005 10:10:28 -0500
From: mick scanlon <>
Subject: A true story. The IRA and their ESP experience.

Hi, found this posting on a site. It involves the IRA and an individual who maintains that all the ESP events taken place during his encounter with the IRA are true. Totally original.

It is not for publication but for circulation. The whole story is not aimed at you, the viewer, it was intended to be read by TRVers. The Scientific or Technical Remote Veiwers.

Hi. be patient with this read and sorry about bad punctuation and spelling.

i,m popping you an e-mail telling you about a crazy story and experience i had. I currently live in the UK But spent four years liveing in Ireland. I currently work in Sales selling Software. Now you may find the following story a little hard to believe but it is true. Dureing my period in Ireland i worked at all kinds of things. I worked as a waitor, in a Burger joint, and then i worked in Graphics which is what i studied, and thus wanted to end up doing for a liveing finally.

Throughout my life at odd periods i have had psychic experiences. These include, sounds from the past, in various enviroments, sound connection to an evil entity of some sort as a child, which screamed my name at me, also either seeing ghosts or possible entities, all at no logical times or moments, just out of the blue. Seeing as these sounds and visions where very rare and and completely random i never had any reason to focus on them, due to the fact that allthough i was disturbed by them, they made no sence at all. Naturally you try to focus on reality given the nature of our society and the way we are supposed to think.

I don,t want this e-mail to go on forever and bore you senceless so i,ll attempt to try and break it down, to much reading bores people rigid.

Going back to Ireland i was by now in my second graphics job. I found working in graphics stressfull and hard. It really gave me alot of anxiety due to the amount of pressure you where under to produce lots and lots of content, in this case it was for e-learning courses, i,d produce illustrations and flash animations. I had also left the first city i had gone to when leaveing England which was called Galway to a more recognised city called Limerick.

My second graphics job came to an end due to problems in my life and i took up Security work with a man called Martin who did after a period of time become my friend.

Skip forward about a year and a half and i,m still doing security with a very minimal amount of graphics freelance work coming in, but i found that doing this simplified job helped me due to its lack of stress, and on the negative side i could smoke when i wanted. Don,t ask me how but i also came into contact with a lovely looking Irish Dancer who worked in the states in Lord Of The Dance. I had serious emotions for her. Maybe the strongest i had ever felt for anyone, ever.

She came into the place i was doing security on one night with friends and sat at the far end of the room, and began discussing all kinds of stuff with her friends. I out of desperation to know more about her i Lip read everything she said and i caught lots of information about her includeing something that had happened to her in the states which could only be classified as a kind of rape, based on the information i could gather. Where did my instant ability to lip read stem from, and was the information i gathered correct. I did some looking up and found out that my lip reading skills came from my childhood. I was not aware of this at all but found out that children of alcoholics which is what i am (and please don,t perceive that as meaning screwed up) develope self taught lip reading skills as children to be able to work out from distances what is happening in an enviroment before they enter it. Its a defence mechanism that they self teach themselves, call it survival skills. So this is where my skill to decipher what she was talking about came from.
I found out about this on the internet.To cut it short i then entered into therapy to find out more about children of alcoholics. I discovered that alot of children of alocoholics (ACOAs) have unusual psychic experiences, and actually as a result of growing up in an unstable enviroment they self teach/develope a kind of sixth sence.

This is true and can be validated by certain books and research. So this tells me why i have had certain random strange psychic experiences thoughout my life. Now get ready for when it really gets out of hand.

About a year later i was working with my boss Martin and his freind Matt doing security on night clubs, burger joints, that kind of thing. The man Matt is whats known as the HEAD OF THE MUNSTER IRA. That means he controls Limerick and all of the surrounding towns with regards to IRA activity and the likes, he controls drugs, crime, maybe even training grounds for IRA men, and hes only about thirty years of age. It may appear at this stage i am heading to the darkside but all i,m doing is keeping my job going and working for my boss Martin. Matt allthough head of Munster IRA is just an employee of Martins too.

Over time i get to know Matt really well the same as Martin and we had some really good laughs together. That all changed after Matt then attempted after about a year or so of knowing him (allthough i,m born and bred in the UK) to bring me into the fold. Thats right, he wanted me to become IRA. In the past this would have been completely against IRA thinking to bring an Irish Desendant into the organisation, you would have had to have been totally 100% Irish, not just Irish Blood like me.

It is known in Ireland and the UK that the IRA had been struggling to recruit for a long time and they had changed tactics to attempt to start bringing in Irish desendants when possible, to keep up their numbers and off course if they where UK born throw it back in the faces of the English Government by haveing those born and bred in the UK emrace their Irish roots and become IRA.

You would not believe some of the storys i could tell you about the IRA, but as i said i want to keep this brief even though its going on for a long time. Anyway, from this point onwards i decided to stay clear of Matt and would not work at the places he was working on, due to the fact this attempt to bring me into the organisation had left me 100% bewildred and shocked, and also a little unstable. I,d gone from doing a graphics job to becomeing considered usefull for the IRA. Now thats not something that happens everyday. Also at this time break away IRA groups against the PEACE PROCESS are attempting to do the same thing, get hold of Irish Desendents, to get recruits where and when they can. So staying clear of Matt my head starts to get better and my emotional system levels out a little allthough i did look very rough and unshaven for while. You bored yet?.

Now, here is where it gets even more unbelievable. This is where the psychic stuff begins to kick in. I stick with my job doing security on Burger joints during the day and after a period of around a few weeks begin to notice an oddness on the premises. I get the feeling i am being watched. I also notice that certain individuals that would normally talk to me don,t any more. They keep their distance. I also find a verying number of people staring at me unusually and my overall impression is that i,m under some kind of surveillance. With a sixth sence thats sometimes as sharp as a razor blade and other times as equally blunt and useless, i decide i am under surveilance.

I also figure being seen working with the IRA has not helped me at all and who knows what, or who is behind the surveilance. This kicks in the Lip reading which i start to use to attempt to work out who and what is behind observeing me. Within days i have worked out who is doing the survaillance and why. I acheived working out who was watching me without haveing to talk to anyone at all. Nothing to a TRVer i here you say, but not bad considering i,m on my own in this.

Remember what i said about the Irish Dancer, how i felt, how i had gathered information on her, well i discovered that her family was quite a prominant one in Limerick and that it was her family checking me out because she had feelings for me. Your proabably thinking that i have gone berserk, i kid you not this is the truth, and all i get for my efforts in writeing this is sore fingers and a tired mind. But its true. Anyway i find a way to make a connection with the family and discover they have gathered loads of information about me as well, i know them, but they have a pretty good idea about me.


This family, and i will give names if you want at a later date, decided that it was fun, them being somewhat very well off and Eccentric to approach an authority in Ireland and in the knowledge that i had pinpointed them out without talking to anyone, see what benefit i would have been to the IRA had Matt managed to wrangle me into the organisation. What they got in feedback from this Authority goes something like this.

"If someone, a person, managed to work out who, what and why, the drug investigation/survielance, was taking place without ever haveing spoke to one person about it, if placed in the right place, situation and circumstances and the IRA managed to get full use of this ability, the person (ME) would have to killed, shot dead, within three years, evidently by the british Government or loyalists, This individual, alone manageing to aquire information through lip reading, and a sixth sence to varying degrees could not be allowed to live and be put to use, It would threaten the peace process"

Bullshit i hear you say, me too, thats what i said when i finally got the feedback. But the report exists and is real.What you have to bear in mind is that the troubles in Ireland happen over a small scale series of enviroments and with Lip reading alone employed along with the unaccountable but seemingly real extra ESP, it may cause some trouble where it to fall into the wrong hands. Its small scale urban warfare, but through history, migration, and so on it sends waves around the world.

Without Ireland there would have been no JFK.

Anyway, i,m not going to ramble on too much, but i have to finish most of this story. I won,t go into the juiciest and most relevant parts of the story due to the fact it would take too long and am very apprehensive about telling you everything, just yet. Over the past three to four years between both Ireland and the UK my life has been threatened and i have come close, very close, within seconds of being killed i estimate between eleven and fourteen times. This sounds insane, but its true.

Carrying on, what happened after the report goes like this. Matt through his contacts and informmants managed to find out about the report. This made him very angry. Allthough he claims that it wasn,t a motivation he was also insanely jelous of the fact i had stirred the emotions of the girl. He stomped his way into the middle of the situation and began swinging death threats everywhere. When the IRA issue a death threat you can be sure its for real, they don,t never have, and never will make pretend Death threats.I swear, they can talk about Death and Killing with the same ease as we have eating our breakfast cereals, but carry through and do the killing. If i told you about certain tactics and mind games they employ to keep rank and file in its place and keep the level of seriousness in peoples minds within the organisation really strong, you would not believe it. In fact the UK and Irish media do not write about it, its swept under the carpet, but beleive you me it is as gruesome as any middle eastern tyrants methods of keeping control, in fact in some cases is goes further, and is also complex in nature.

So with the situations volatile Matt being Head Of Munster put a curfew on me being able to see the girl. He believed or maintains he believed that because of this report being given to the family i may have read information (used ESP), to aquire information from his mind that only he should know about his IRA involvement and activities. I had been so concerned and focused on the girl i had read nothing from his mind or new anything about his activities. I then had to wait, by myself, alone, four nights whilst he made his mind up as to wether or not kill me. I know you are thinking, why didn,t i make a run for it. The IRA have every city, town, and village occupied or to put it a better way their ranks and numbers occupy every City, Town and Village in Ireland. In short there was no way, even if i wanted to. to make a run for it. Matt also made it clear that if i where to ring the British Government or Special Branch or Intelligence Services i would be shot dead instantly before anyone could get close to me to save me. In a nutshell all options where closed. I was forced to wait it out alone at my rented house. To put it in perspective if he wanted me killed he could have pulled it off easily, he gives the order, and then whoever is to be killed, is killed. In fact he does not even have to carry or have a gun of his own, this is because he is watched 24/7 by IRA men if intelligence suggests he might be on somesones target list.

It works very different in Ireland as a system to how the UK, or America Works. I,ll be glad to discuss any aspect of this information if you don,t get it. So, i waited out my four nights alone, and he finally gave me the all clear. The IRA had questioned me as to wether or not i had aquired any information from his mind, but my only deduction was that at that point he was involved in nothing special and allthough he was head of Munster he was doing nothing of any importance within the organisation, as it turned out i was right. The curfew over me being able to see the girl was however not lifted, and thus we could have no contact.

This curfew was maintained for months and i began to go insane knowing there was a girl i wanted so much and who at least wanted me in return to a similar extent. He justified this curfew by saying that he wanted instead of killing me to make use of me, what with the credentials from the report and everything and was mentally preparing me for the IRA. This was bullshit, but he then placed a threat over the familys head that if i did not co-operate two or possibly three of the family would be killed.
Also he deduced that with the possible retaliation from the UK government over the killing of a UK citizen, (ME) he would instead keep me in-line by holding the death threats over them instead. Hard to believe this has happened isn,t it, but you of all people will be able to TRV this and view it, see it as it unfolded.

Matt had done some sick things against me by this point most of which i won,t go into and he maintained the curfew over me being able to see the girl for six months.

I was allowed to walk away from this situation if i wanted to but in return members of the family would be killed if i didn,t do the IRAs bidding.

Now we have come this far in the story, i,d like to say thanks for haveing read so much. I,m really tired, it brings everything back.

My mind became unstable, i went insane to a certain degree. I,m gonna leave the rest of this story to your TRVing. Allthough i will tell you what happened you can percieve and see back to see some of the finer details if you want. I think it would really be worth your while.

Here comes the biggest revelation of the story, through extreme anxiety and stress through the period this story was happening i eventually devised a psychic means of attacking people. Allthough you may not believe this, it is true. Like TRV is has its draw backs and you cannot be sure it will allways work. I began a long cycle of attacking Matt through these methods until eventually we had a big showdown, he refused to let me see my girl, and i was given a week to leave Ireland or be killed.

Does this story add up, no not completely but it is true. I left Ireland one day before my deadline and have not returned since.

To let you know, both the IRA and the UK Intelligence service and Special Branch know this story. Not only that but i have been classified as a potential threat to UK National Security which i am not off course. When i devised these methods of Attacking people, i just felt madly inspired, took a little research from a UK publication and went with it. I went completely berserk with these psychic attack methods once i had gotten feedback that these methods where haveing at least some effect on my chosen targets.

I am not a threat to anyone, this is how i like to think of myself, but what has been discovered is that once my reality is distorted through external events that i cannot control i am mentally taken to a level where by i can cause damage with these methods of attacking people. It also reverses the other way. I too can be attacked through the methods i devised/began in Ireland and brought across to the UK. I have nearly died through the same methods being used against me. Dillusional paranoia would be a good description i think you may think, but this is all true.

How does anyone know what i did when deviseing these methods of attacking people?. use TRV to find out. Percieve away, its the best method of finding out if i,m telling the truth or not.

Thanks once again for reading, its a crazy story, my life is simply work, rest, and play now, plus trying to keep myself from being attacked through the psychic methods i have discussed and devised myself.

My challenge to you now as TRVers is to work out WHO, WHAT, and WHY?.

If you are ineterested in this story, please send me an e-mail with any questons you may have.

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