Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

For Crimson Dawn Players

Since I already have a soundtrack for Ximena, I have been thinking of putting together a Crimson Dawn soundtrack. If you are interested in participating, I would like people to give me the following:
- A personal character song.
- A song expressing the relationship between your character and at least one other character.
- Your thoughts for the Crimson Dawn theme song (which I will talk to the GMs about).

Example: Ximena Harker
- Personal song: "Cartouche" by Blackmore's Night.
- Love song from Ximena to Percy: "Before the Dawn" by Evanescence.
- Crimson Dawn theme: Opening theme from Indian Jones.

If I don't already have the MP3, I'll need you to get a copy of it to me. When I am done gathering all of the songs from everyone, I will burn MP3 CDs for everyone who wants one. I will also consider burning regular audio CDs on a limited basis.

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