Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

Friday afternoon at work...

Jenn/Me: I owe you a soda at work.

Rory: you raided my stash?!

Rory: ok

Jenn/Me: There was one in the frig

Jenn/Me: It called my name.

Rory: i'm sure it did

Jenn/Me: it did. The other people in the breakroom were looking at the frig with fear. I mean, wouldn't you if something within was softly calling "Jennifer... Jennifer... come get me...."?

Jenn/Me: Then, to have it start yelling when I walked in? It startled me. That's for sure.

Rory: i see

Rory: threats of violence with its fruity goodness?

Jenn/Me: No. Just a persistent siren song. You know what I'm talking about.

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