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I think I can safely say that ocean floods are becoming one of my Dreamlines... dream theme for me. I think they represent the creative force of my imagination. Maybe just my ability to create.

Rising Waters of the Mind

I dreamt that I was in a grocery store and one of the workers there had badly insulted a friend of mine. Heather, I think. I jumped all over him because of it. I yelled at him in front of his boss who was behind him. She stepped in when he started getting snippy with me. I left the store feeling self righteous and proud for sticking up for my friend.

When I got home to my pretty white home on the beach, I saw that the ocean waters had risen dangerously in my absence. I hurried inside, looking around to see if any shoring up had been done. Some had. It made me relax a little. I saw my dad sitting outside on the stoop. He was on the phone to Mom. "No, honey, the water hasn't reached the house. The big rock out back seems to be in the way." I looked and saw that he was right. Somehow, the large rock was not only breaking the incoming waves but it was stopping the flood waters from coming too close to the house. "So, we have nothing to worry about."

'You shouldn't say such things.' I thought. 'That's when everything goes to hell.' I was right, of course. At that moment, the rising ocean brought in a large rock to crash against the standing stone that was guarding the house. That knocked away the standing stone's barrier and the flood waters came rushing in. "Dad!" I yelled. "We have to get inside. We have to do more work!"

When I got inside, I saw water leaking in and started blocking the holes. My mom came in and started helping. I saw the waves rush towards us and the house. It was terrifying and exhilarating at the same time. The water was so beautiful; blue and clear. It made me gasp for air. It was half way up the house now, waves rushing around us. I felt like I was in fishbowl instead of a house. I saw one particularly large wave come crashing towards the window with the blue stained glass crescent moon and put my hands up to help support it. The wave slammed against it and cracked the glass.

I was about to yell to my parents to get me some duct tape when I saw that the ocean was becoming even more wild. However, it wasn't because of a storm. It was because of what was coming out of the water to ride on top: Sea foam horses drew a water chariot driven by an Atlantean from the water to gallop by; a futuristic Nemo sub surface briefly; water cars sped on; a dragon dipped low enough to be sprayed with foam and a beleaguered man in a row boat powered by the window that was now half covered in tide waters. It seemed like the parade was endless and most of the figures where vaguely familiar.

I turned in astonishment and saw that my parents were just going about their business as if nothing was happening. I suddenly realized that they couldn't see what I could see. 'This is all in my mind. This is my mind. They can't see these stories that rush over me every day. My world is of the fantastical every single day and they never experience it.' I suddenly felt both privileged and very sad.


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