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Busy day...

It's been a busy day for me. Non-stop on that albatross of a test plan and all of the other little side projects handed to me because I'm just that good. (Being responsible can be a real bitch sometimes.)

I'm a little grumpy. Partly due to lack of sleep due to kittens. Partly due to the fact that audio book I picked up this time requires a stereo system because the stupid thing is recorded on both the left and right tracks at the same time with different parts of the book. I have no stereo tape players at all.

On the good side, I did find an old tape of mine "Lovers, Heros and Rogues" by Michael Langcor. There are some good filk songs on it. Rediscovered music is a good, good thing.

Kitten Watch 2002
  • Morden started purring for me this morning! He almost seemed disappointed when I put him down (almost).
  • Note to self: Do not get the beef chunks kitten food. Morden and Delenn like to lick the sauce off of it and not actually eat... which causes them to meow at me in hunger later.
  • Note to self: No matter how cute, don't let the fluff balls nap on you in the evening. It means they will be up most of the night.
  • I have pictures of the kittens now. Though, they are on my friend's digital camera. So, hopefully, Monday, I'll have them posted.

  • I am taking Monday off to go to the beach. I need to do a little ocean communing. In the meantime, I have the UA LARP tomorrow. I'm pretty happy about that.

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