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Abstract Thoughts has been updated with Grown Up Things - which mostly talks about work and other grown up things I've recently had to deal with.

August 6
Grown Up Things

Woot! I am almost a real person at work now. I got my whiteboard, my picture hangers and my "you can't startle me anymore" big ass rear view (office view? cube view?) mirror. My "you don't want to get carpal tunnel" keyboard and mouse tray is still on its way. I think, at this point, all I'm missing is a name plate and I can live without one. After all, I brought the one I had at PlaceWare with me.

I've discovered something very interesting about my job. It is both far more technical, yet, less scary than my former MS job. Here, they routinely expect you to go through the code, setting breakpoints and figuring out the exact function the bug is in when you find a bug. If you know how to fix the bug, more power to you. Put the fix in the bug write-up or, in some cases, fix it, test your fix and check in the fixed source file. Fortunately, this latter is done very rarely.

Thursday, I figured out how to attach a process to the debugger, set my breakpoints, stepped through the code and figured out my weird ass problem. (Had to do with a function returning the file creation date. Somehow, it was returning the local system date and time instead.) It felt really good. I'm not coding but I'm working with the code and I like that.

Next week starts the whole new process discussion for Test and the training for the new bug tracking system and the new test case management system. I sense it is going to be uphill battle for a good part of the way but once people catch on that it really isn't that hard and does help the work flow, we'll start to coast. I hope.


I have been doing a whole lot of "grown up" things lately. Things involving my condo, budgeting and considering what to do to make each better. Friday, I sold all the MS stock I am going to sell (the rest will not turn a profit). Once I get the wire transfer, I'm going write a hefty check to my finance guy and have him invest in my Roth IRA and the other investments I have. Next up, I'm going to call MS, ask for them to resend me my latest 401K statement and find out what I need to do to roll over all of my 401K from MS to my finance guy.

As an aside, I really like the fact that my finance guy is a friend of my parents. I can get info about them out of him that they won't tell me. Plus, it's cute when he asks me what sort of special treat my Dad likes because he's been so sick lately. Apparently, the pistachio nuts were a big hit and my dad is doing better. But, I digress.

I am finding that doing these grown up things now helps me be impulsive and childlike the rest of the time. It also allows me to help those who need helping - including myself. Next week, my house is going to get a much needed full cleaning by someone other than me. A friend of mine needs money and doesn't mind cleaning. I have money and I hate the deep cleaning that my home desperately needs. Supply, meet Demand. Demand, meet Supply. Rather than hiring (a probably more expensive) professional, I am hiring my friend who needs it who also happens to be someone I won't care about seeing my box of sex toys. It is a good deal all the way around.

Thursday night, I bought a friend a much needed plane ticket home that left extremely early Friday morning and didn't blink about it. My situation allowed for it because of all these "grown up" things I keep doing. Occasionally, I resent being known as the responsible one, the reliable one, the one who is always there for you. In truth, though, most of the time, I don't mind it. My friends should know that I can be counted on when the chips are down.

(Granted, I am really irritated about this particular situation and someone is going to pay for hurting one of mine. Insult me, hurt me, make me cry. Fine. Hurt or make one of mine cry and the claws come out. The only thing that kept me from driving there last night was the fact that my friend needed to fly home much more than she needed to possibly wind up in jail with me for disturbing the peace due me giving this person a piece of my mind.)

I guess the short version of what I'm trying to say is that, as much as I don't always like the "grown up" things I do, they are necessary and they let me be the child the rest of the time. I like that.


Lately, I've been doing more thinking, reading and writing. At the same time, a lot less TV/movie watching. I think I like some of the changes that have been happening in my head recently. I feel like I'm on the verge of something; like something is about to click into place. I'm not sure what. I'm looking forward to finding out.

Huh. Words are failing me. I have emotions and thoughts that my words can't properly articulate. Interesting. My brain is very busy right now.

'Someone moved the body.' She thought as she fled. This is the opening line of a story. The line has been floating in my head for a couple of days now. I think it is for the story version of my dream, Tacoma Screw.

Active voice. Not passive. Good.

Meh. I need to cogitate over what my mind is trying to tell me. I had a dream about KDJ last night. We were at a party/LARP. While I was chatting with him, catching up, I asked him now he and his wife were. He tried to tell me. I could see his lips moving and I know he was trying to tell me something important about his wife. I couldn't hear anything because of the noise around me. I woke up with him trying to convey something important or urgent to me. I think it is my subconscious mind trying to make a breakthrough.

Perhaps it was trying to inform me of my latest realization. I 'watch' movies while I'm at the computer because I feel like it is wasting my time to 'just' watch a movie. The guilt sets in. I should be writing. However, I cannot write well with the TV on. I do my best writing in silence. So, I end up doing neither well.

I realized that it is ok for me to "just write" and to "just watch a movie." I do not have to multitask. It is fine not to multitask. Most likely, I will enjoy each more if I separate the two. It is funny how obvious such a thing seems once you have had the revelation.

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