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Abstract Thoughts has been updated with 7 Year Itch? - which proves to me on this Anniversary date and personal New Year's Day that no matter how brave I try to be, my utter lack of directional sense trumps all the preparation in the world. Not only that, sometimes, I'm just plain lame. Ah, well.

August 1
7 Year Itch?

I have been keeping my online journal, Abstract Thoughts, for seven years now. It has gone through many changes. Mostly because the author has also gone through many changes. I used to write to it on a daily basis. Now, I write to it three to five times a month. I would like to think that the quality of the writing has gone up while the quantity has gone down. There are days when I consider dropping it altogether in favor of my Live Journal account. I still may but not today. I know I won't stop having an online journal. I enjoy it too much. So, Happy Anniversary to Abstract Thoughts!


August 1st has been my own personal New Year's Day for some time now. I am not sure why, but major events seem to happen to me on August 1st or during the month of August. Most years, I acknowledge my personal New Year's with a small ritual and the general contemplation of my life. This year is a little different. Along with my little ritual, I will be trying something new. Something that I have always wanted to do. I will be venturing forth to learn how to play the Taiko drums. I'll write more about that experience later.

I will also be setting some goals for myself and will be using FutureMe to try and help keep me on track. FutureMe is pretty neat and, when you forget that you've set it up, both surprising and occasionally creepy. It's like nagging yourself from the past. Which, I suppose, it is.

Big Goal: Make a decision and stick with it when it comes to the condo. Either, get a roommate or put it on the market by October 2005. At this point, I currently prefer the roommate idea because moving sucks and I have found one possible roommate candidate.

Big Goal: Get at least two new contracts from Sovereign Press this coming year. I know you are scheduled for the Dragonvarld world RPG but it would be nice to secure at least one more.

Big Goal: Have the first draft of Grants Pass completed and ready for submission. Caveat: Allow extra time for big name authors if they want it. December 2005 is the story submission guideline and the rough draft should be complete by February 2006.

Medium Goal: Speaking of big named authors... get the balls to ask the ones you haven't asked yet. The worst they can do is say "No." You need to do this by November 2005.

Medium Goal: Complete at least one new Kendrick story a month. That means splat - edit - polish - complete. Ready for submission.

Medium Goal: Visit parents in NC, not on a holiday weekend. They are getting on in years. You need to see them more often.

Small Goal: Look for another game company to do writing contracts with.

Small Goal: Read at least four books a month and keep a list of every book you read. You have been meaning to do this for some time now.

Small Goal: Email friends you have not seen or heard from in a long time. They made need/want to hear from you.


Much Later... The Taiko Drum Lesson...

I feel like a cross between the crazy cat lady and the hipster divorcee who is out cutting a rug, going to neat artsy/dance classes to meet new people to keep herself occupied. Unfortunately, try as I might to be the hip 30-something adventuresome cutie, I continuously surprise myself with my ability to make a mess of things. The short version: I never made it to my drum lesson and I'm unspeakably bummed by this fact.

I had been terribly excited by my wonderful find with the month of Taiko drum lessons. It looked like great fun and good exercise. I got the address to the Seattle Kokon Studio on NE 104th Way in Seattle, mapped it out and set it in my head how to get there. My dislike (and fear) of driving to places unknown to me is nigh legendary amongst my friends at this point. I convinced myself that it would be well worth the nerve wracking drive to get there.

I was about to get onto the 520 Bridge when I looked at my directions again. I had copied and pasted the email explanation on how to find the gym once I got there when my eye spied something that I had not recognized and acknowledged until that very moment. The sentence: The workshop is being held at The Nisei Veteran's Hall, 1212 South King Street Seattle, located in the International District. *Click*Click*Click*Pause* (NE 104th Way != South King Street)

Well... screw. Double screw with flying figs thrown in for good measure!

But lo, I did not panic. I didn't even swear that hard. I headed up to University Ave, since I knew where it was, parked and pulled out my trusty Thomas guide. Son of a gun! The lessons were down by I-90 and I had less than 15 minutes to get there, find it, park and report in for the lesson. I did my speedy Gonzales routine down I-5 to James. Got lost around 6th. Found Yesler. Got mixed up on Boren and stuck on Jackson... repeat a couple of times. By the time I found King, it was already past the check in and lesson beginning times. Then, I couldn't find it on King Street. Up and down I went for about fifteen minutes, getting mixed up and lost before I finally gave up and found I-5 from King Street.

I limped home, depressed with a wounded pride around 8:45pm. I am currently doing a whole lot of sulking. I'm going to send them an email tomorrow, explain my lameness and ask if they do private lessons.

Tarot Card for the Day: Page of Swords, Inverted

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