Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

[General Title Pertaining to Friendship]

Is there any wonder why Monte and I are such good friends? We understand each other reasonably well and he indulges me in my weirdness. (Since he doesn't have time to chat with me, I'll just post this here.)

Jenn/Me: [Insert witty, amusing greeting here.]
Monte: [insert reasonably interesting response]
Jenn/Me: [General inquiry about one's status.]
Monte: [generic response]
Jenn/Me: [Generic acknowledgement.]
Jenn/Me: [Specific inquiry to one's writing progress.]
Monte: [specific reply which sounds vaguely familiar]
Jenn/Me: [Specific query on one's employee activity and one's time management allocation towards random conversation.]
Monte: [generic response regarding excess activity in the office]
Jenn/Me: [General acknowledgment and heartfelt parting sentiment.]
Monte: [sincere gratitude]
Jenn/Me: *poof*

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