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Abstract Thoughts has been updated with Laundry List Update - which is a short summary list of where everything seems to be standing right now in my life.

July 25
Laundry List Update
- painting is STILL not done in my condo. The place is STILL a mess. It is STILL driving me insane. I'm worried that they will not re-hang the curtain hangers they took down when they did the drywall. I'm also afraid that they won't move my heavy bed back in place and I'm going to have bribe people with beer and pizza. Heck, I suppose I'm going to have to do that anyway to get my living room back in order.

Work - still going good. I still like it. I'm still glad that I left MS. I'm still waiting for things like access to the fitness center and my parking pass and my VPN but, these things will come in time. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

Love life - still non-existent and am vaguely mopey about the whole situation. Splattered a friend about it when it was brought up. Didn't realize I was feeling all mopey until I started talking. We decided to table the subject until we were both out our respective funks.

Weight - still holding steady at this damn plateau. We hates plateaus, Precious! We hates them! Hopefully, access to the workout room will help. Also, looks like I'm going to have to start walking by myself with Rory hurting himself.

Money matters - still holding my own when it comes to money matters. Still got the house, the car, cards and the cat. Still working out the new budget with the new pay scale. However, I think I have a handle on it and things will look good when I do finally sell my condo and move.

Escapism - the only thing in my life coming to me in abundance. I think it's my desire to get my bloody home DONE. Reading like mad. Current writing projects are moving. New writing projects keep presenting themselves. Gaming some. LARPs are going very well. My game is off the ground and moving. Anything that will keep me out of this reality without getting myself in trouble is on my mind.

Packing - still working of packing the books. It helps greatly that Shane had been getting me sturdy boxes from his work. This last time, he got me enough that I didn't use them all in this last session of book packing. Probably because I was shifting through a bunch of the hardback books on the bottom shelves. That stuff kills my back. Also, have enough boxes of books packed that they are starting to get in my way. I'm going to have to do some straightening up before I can move on to the next bout of book packing.

Moving - still in the wanting-dreaming phase as I put it to someone recently. My faboo real estate guy wants me to wait until next year (argh!) to put my place on the market. Looks like we have compromised to putting it on the market in October or November and if we don't get a good offer, then taking it off until next Spring or Summer. In the meantime, I have found two apartment complexes that look very nice. One seems "perfect" - within walking distance of work (1.5 miles), on the water, allows cats and is affordable. My main fear is that there will be no apartments open by the time I am ready to move. If none are available, I have found another very nice looking place about 5 miles from work with bigger floor plans for about the same amount of month.

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