Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

Top 5...

Because I am just that much of a gaming goober... I decided to answer britgeekgrrl's Top 5 questions here.

Top five characters I've played...
1. Zjiria - In unkyrich's Victorian steampunk game, Ethyria. Loved that game. Loved that character, a princess dragon playing the game of being human.

2. Duvessa LiCidan - dancingshaman's Star Wars game, Tales of the Iridium Rose. That character turned into something I never expected and will always remember.

3. Elea Clearlight - My first long term character. First AD&D, then Greyhawk (The North Kingdom Campaign), then Marrach.

4. Elizabeth Bannister - My all time favorite Vampire character. I put so much thought into her, her background and her psychology, I think I could play her in my sleep. Complex and enjoyable.

5. Bethany Versaw - unkyrich's Mage game. My first Mage character and still my favorite. Cult of Ecstacy mage.

Top five characters I've played with...
1. Lord Gloucester in the Ethyria. Hands down, one of my all time favorite characters to interact with. He was so proper, yet bold, brave and prudent. Cooler than words. (BenL.)

2. Endra Yahnna in Tales of the Iridium Rose. Hard bitten and beaten smuggler with a heart of gold. She was the perfect foil to Duvessa. (Johanna.)

3. Donnan Curall in the North Kingdom Campaign. He was the best partner in crime a girl could have. Excellent to brainstorm with and Elea wouldn't want anyone else to be stuck in a trap with. (Alex.)

4. Eric Blake of Avalon in The Book of Blood, opposite my character, Cathena Rivera Del Bucca. The epitome of the hero and the romantic. (Bill.)

5. Dante Giovanni in the Revelations LARP, opposite my character, Dora. The roleplay between these two characters was like dancing on the edge of a knife. (Monte.)

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