Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,


This is one of those dreams made creepy because I woke up with weird bruises that match the struggles in my dream.

Beach Sand Diner
I was sitting on the top of a small set of ruins on a beach in what I believe was supposed to be the Gaza Strip. I had come here specifically to visit these ruins. I do not know where it was coming from but I was listening to a radio. The cultured female British voice was speaking of the latest President Bush scandal. Apparently, the latest accusation was that President Bush was nominating Supreme Court Justices based on who the country of Israel was telling him to choose. It was a huge fracas.

I was looking around the strip. I saw a diner made of sand that made me think of Rick's from Casablanca. I watched a handsome man in a green suit jacket meet and greet people at the door. The sand diner owner walked back inside. At this time, the female radio voice came back to me, "The Palestinians are protesting this obvious manipulation of the United States by Israel by kidnapping and Americans in the Gaza Strip. All Americans in Israel are cautioned..."

Right then, as I was watching a man walk up to the beach sand diner, a shot rang out and the man dropped. A couple of other men ran up and dragged him away as the diner owner came to the door and watched, unsmiling. I turned and saw a black car. My view telescoped and I could see a man in black sighting me with a rifle. I immediately dropped over the edge of the ruin wall I had been sitting on and fell to the ground about six feet below.

"The ruins in the Gaza Strip are now closed to all foreigners. All foreigners must vacate the ruins in the Gaza Strip." The woman on the unseen radio announced. I completely ignored it, trying to dig my way into the ruins for shelter. The wall fell away like wet sand. The more I pulled away and the bigger the hole became, the more certain I was that these ruins would collapse on me.

I turned from them, just in time to see a heavy, panting man in a white suit bearing down on me. I yelled and kicked at him as he grabbed for me, speaking in a language I did not understand. I put up such a fuss that the man disgustedly stopped. I was too much trouble. He walked away as I walked and sat there, panting until a little boy walked up to me. He silently held his hand out to me for me to go with him. I shook my head. He raised his hand again, insistently. I pushed him away. As I did so, I saw the man in the white suit watch. His mouth thinned and I knew he was going to get the big guns now.

I stood and began to run towards the sand diner but it was in wet sand and the tide was coming in. My feet sunk deep into the sand. I had to struggle for every step. I knew I would not make it to the diner before they came. "Americans are dying all over Israel because of the actions of their president." The voice of the British woman floated over me as I struggled.

I looked up and saw the diner owner watching me as I worked my foot free and took another step towards sanctuary. "Help me." I quietly begged at him. To my surprise, he looked left and right, then hurried over to my side, his hands out, reaching to help me from the sand trap.


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