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Abstract Thoughts has been updated with The Aftermath of Memory - which is my vacation report and some of my continuing thoughts.

June 28
The Aftermath of Memory

I'm home again from my vacation and the construction continues on. However, at this point, after seeing the beautiful home of my friend Wendy, I'm ready to throw everything out and start again. No. Really. I am. Simplify. Simplify. Simplify. Of course, I won't do this but I think I will be even more brutal about the pruning and purging I am doing. Also, my house is such a mess, I can barely stand it. Mostly because of the moving of things away from the doors and windows and all of the crap drug in by the construction guys. Though, all of it is not their fault. A lot of the mess is mine and I will take responsibility for that as well as work on cleaning it all up.

My vacation was awesome! It really was. I can't tell if I prefer the sofa surfing from friend to friend or the base of operations approach. Both have their benefits and flaws. I will have to consider this for the next time I drive down to CA.

I got to go to every restaurant I had on my list: Chef Liu's (they remembered me but there was some confusion about me saying hello to a man in an apron - I just smiled and nodded), Los Charros (burritos bigger than your head), Case De Lupe (best darned guacamole I've ever tasted) and, of course, Dana Street Café (great coffee, great friends). I also got to go to a couple of places I didn't expect: Frankie, Johnnie & Luigi's, Too; a really good Italian place in Fremont I don't remember the name of, a surprisingly good coffee place in Fremont that, again, I don't remember the name of and Global Blends in Mountain View.

I got to see almost everyone I wanted to see while I was there as well. Only Johanna and Alex dropped off the radar due to time/work commitments. First were Heather, Chris and Ryan in Sacramento. I really hope Heather and Chris can end up moving here. Then, Rich, Cil, Blinkie, Greg and David for a couple of days. From there, off to see Monte and Thea and meet the fabulous Monica that I have heard so much about. Back to see the Fremont crew for Jen-Jen's birthday and to finish out the trip breakfast with Yony and an afternoon with Wendy and Jeff who happily reminded me why I like Firefly so much. So many good people that I miss a lot. All of whom are worth the drive down to CA to visit.

I got to do a lot of gaming while I was there, too. My friends know me so well. Card games at Heather's. 7th Sea and Buffy at Rich's. Silent Hill at Monte's. Dude, Silent Hill as an RPG rocks and scares the pants off of me. I had a blast. Of course, my Silent Hill character had a gruesome end - "You wake up and Walter is standing over you. He says, 'I'm really sorry about this, Miss.' Then, proceeds to beat you to death with an ax handle." Eek! I'm of the (maybe deluded) opinion that Julia, who has pre-cog dreams, wakes up from that dream and knows it will come true if she doesn't do something about it.

All was not happiness and light, though. Walking back from sushi with Monte, my left knee started to get wonky. Considering that I had been walking all over the place all week with it, I found the timing inconvenient and annoying. To make matters worse, when I got back to Greg's house that last time, I missed a step, hyper extended that same wonky knee and punched a wall with my right hand. Not on purpose mind you. It was all part of the fall and so, my right pinky knuckle is all bruised up. And, I'm having issues walking. A lot of issues. Sometimes, it's fine. Other times, I just cannot walk without pain.

Other happy memories: Seeing Batman Begins with Rich. Liam Neeson as a bad guy. Talk about fantasy fodder! Seeing the barista at Dana Street grin in recognition when he saw me. Late night computer stuff with David and Greg. Picking out a gift from Yony from his trip to Jordan that turned out to have a blessing for the traveler on it.

It was a really good trip. I miss these people so much.


Esme is back in the house now and seems to be doing well. She didn't fight me too much to get her in the cat carrier but she did yowl her displeasure all the way home. Now, she's checking out the mess that the construction guys made. I talked to the foreman and found out that all the "in and outs" for the windows are done and I'll have plenty of warning for the next time they need to come in to fix the damage to the window and door surroundings.

This most recent trip to California has made me wonder if I'm missing having room mates and people around me more than they are now. Greg and David have what I consider and almost perfect room mate situation with Jaffa and Jason. The upstairs belongs to Jaffa and Jason. The downstairs to Greg and David for the most part. There is an entertainment room they all use. It allows for companionship and privacy as wanted.

I remember sharing a house with Greg and Casey. It was cool to sit on the couch and watch them play video games while I read. Or to cook dinner for everyone while someone else cleaned up. Living with room mates is hard for me but sometimes, I really miss it. Sometimes, I think it would be great to share a house with one or two other people who are as addicted to the net as I am or have some other solitary hobby. People who mostly like to do their own thing but also like to get together from time to time.

It is something to think about since I am going to be selling my house this year sometime. Maybe I should consider getting a room mate in a house instead of getting an apartment for myself. It's a thought.

Tarot Card for the Day: Nine of Swords, Inverted

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