Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

Home Again

I'm home now. For the record, Rory, I made it home at 7pm - a 14 hour trip. I did less stopping this time.

So, I have a new door, new windows, a new patio door and one hell of a mess in my home. Not a single window has screen in it and I'm guessing, if I want screens (and I do), I'm going to have to go buy them and get them installed. The construction has done some unhappy damage to the door frames and window frames. I haven't even been upstairs, yet. I'm almost afraid to see what they did to my bedroom window. Plus, they tracked crap all over the place. Hell, there are pine needles all over my couch. I'm wondering how those got there.

I think I'm really glad I wasn't here last week and that my cat wasn't here. I'm hoping this week won't be too bad or I'm going to find myself hiding in movie theaters all day. I need to go find out if the construction guys are going to fix the interior damage they've created or if I'm going to have to hire someone myself to do that.

I'll do a vacation report tomorrow or so. The short version is that it was filled with bittersweet joy.

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