Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

King County Animal Shelter Needs Help!

I just got this from the King County Animal Shelter. I absolutely cannot foster kittens while my condo is under construction or I would be taking in some of these kittens. The construction noise would frighten them too much. However, maybe you or someone you know could volunteer or foster for them?

Now is the time to foster if you’ve been waiting until you’re really needed. This just in from Officer Daniele at the shelter:

HELP! The shelter is filling up quickly! We have had many cats brought in today, both stray and surrenders.
· ISO is full!

We still have a lot of kittens that need foster care:
· A group of 4 friendly kittens in the grooming room. Eating softened canned food. About 5 weeks old.
· A group of 3 kittens in the grooming room about 5 weeks old also. Eating. Just a little shy.
· A group of three very playful kittens in the cattery, about 6 weeks old. Eating well. Just need a couple of weeks to be adoptable.
· We just had a stray mom brought in. She is nervous here, but she walked right up to the finder. She is very pretty. Looks like an Abyssinian mix. She has 5 very adorable babies about 4 weeks old.

Any help is appreciated since we are also short staffed.

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