Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

More Things I just LOVE About the Construction Going On

I just love glancing up at my skylight and seeing a face looking back at me. Makes me really happy. Same with walking into the kitchen and seeing a different face looking at me. Damn creepy since I'm on the second floor.

I just love the way they started ripping the siding off the outer wall of my bathroom while I was in the shower. There's nothing like unexpected, extremely loud pounding RIGHT NEXT TO YOUR HEAD to comfort a naked woman in the shower.

I just love the way all this constructions has the creatures in the house in a tizzy. Esme thinks we're being attacked and hovers between huddling next to me and looking for something to kill when she's not hucking up a hairball that is. Also, the previously quiet, hidden spiders are all showing themselves in unhappiness at the disturbance. I got visible spiders in every room of my home now.

I really need to get out of here. I've promised myself a walk everyday. Now is a good time to head out.

PS: I'm in a really bad mood. I apologize in advance.

PS: I'm heading to Victor's if anyone wants to meet me there. I should be there around 9:30am-ish.

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