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Abstract Thoughts has been updated with Progress - which is mostly about what I've been doing now that I've set my plan in motion.

May 29, 2005
Construction is scheduled to start on my condo next week. I've spent most of this weekend working on cleaning up the place and moving stuff away from the windows. I've been told that the guys start work about 7am. That means no more wandering around the place in the nude in the morning or sleeping in the nude. The first week is supposed to be all about tearing things out. The second week is when they will have to start coming into my home to replace the windows and doors. I do not know how long they will need to have access to my home. From the sounds of it, about 3 weeks.

Have I mentioned how much I really hate the idea of strangers in my home when I'm not here? Hate. Hate. Hate. I'm really worried for my cat as well. It being springtime, she's full of vim, vigor and vive... and has tried to escape several times. It's a lot worse than normal. I'm pondering locking her in the cat room on a daily basis while the construction is going on. I'm so afraid that she is going to escape and I'll never see her again. I've gotten fond of the princess. I don't want to lose her.

On the good side of things, I think I will use this ruckus as an excuse to start going back to the gym in the morning. If they are going to start pounding on the walls and needing access to my home at 7am, I don't want to be here.

Progress on the Fix Jenn's Life(TM) project is proceeding well enough for now. My ultimate goal is to be in a new home and a new job by the end of this year. I am hoping it is a lot sooner than that but I can live with a year end deadline. Even though I can't put the condo on the market for a good 3-6 months, I'm starting to get the house packed. I'm giving stuff away. I've put my resume out there. I am doing all that I can now to keep things moving. I know I should be patience on the job front but I'm not. My ideal plan is to be in a new job by the middle of June. I have to be out of MS by the end of July because I really don't want to go through another review process. Those things are brutal and I really don't need to hear how much I'm just not making the grade. My ego has taken enough of a beating as is.

For the TMI portion of the journal, I have finally found a doctor, nurse actually, that I am willing to perform my annual pap smear test. My nurse practitioner, Nurse Payne (yes, this really is her name), has proven to me that she can do the job without me being anymore uncomfortable than necessary and completely pain free. Let me repeat that: a completely pain free pap smear. I have never had a completely pain free annual exam. Ever. It's why I hate them and why my annual exam often isn't. I also talked to her about the Essure procedure. She had never heard of it but she found out that the doctors at the women's clinic do it.

I finally finished most of the cleaning out of the back room now in order to move the desk and the bookcase away from the window that is being replaced. I've needed to do this cleaning up and purging of this room for a long time. While some of it has been painful most of it has been good for me. I've thrown out a whole lot of stuff. Stuff that has been weighing me down. All history that I really don't need with me anymore. Now, all I have left is to go through my books, packing up the ones I want and organizing the ones I'm going to give away or sell to Half Price Books and Twice Sold Tales.

Cleaning and purging of that room has unearthed a ton of unexpected and surprising items. What a trip down memory lane it has been. I have to admit, I'm being extremely brutal about the purging I'm doing. If I haven't looked at it or thought about it in 2 years and I didn't have a strong emotional reaction to rediscovering it, out it went. Some of the things I have found while cleaning out the back room and library:

1. The StarQuest '97 artist alley table cloth. It was something that the guy running artist alley did all three years: '95, '97, '98. He bought a white table cloth and had all of the artists in artist alley draw on it. It was an unexpected find. I'm not sure why I have it. It brought back a whole lot of memories from that time in my life. Both good and bad.

2. Lots of notebooks. An empty sketchbook, a couple of story idea notebooks, my budget ledger from 1996 and 1997 when money was really tight. It was interesting to look back at it. Lots of empty notebooks. I seem to collect them.

3. Lots of missing tools. There have been a whole lot of, "So, that's where my hammer (or screwdriver) has been hiding!"

4. Jewelry. Some of it, I just threw away. My griffin pendant is very special to me. I had thought I had lost it. My high priestess pendant. A green man pendant. An antique man's seal ring with the initials S.A. on it.

5. Poetry from friends. This one surprised me. I remember getting the poetry. I remember reading it. I didn't remember that it was so good and I didn't remember keeping it.

6. All my military stuff, including my butter bar. This trip down memory lane sucked. All the paper work. All those things I did to try and stay in the military. All of it failed. I shredded most of it. The good and the bad. All of the certificates of awards received. All of the medical stuff. Most of it no longer matters. Most. I kept the butter bar for now.

7. A photocopy of a newspaper clipping and photo of me with my Star Trek club. Yes, I was in uniform. Yes. I looked hot. I remember someone telling me that that picture was a perfect recruiting picture: one pretty girl surrounded by geeky guys.

8. KAOS rules. The Killer game I ran in college. You have to see these rules to believe it.

9. My treasure chest. Yes. I'm one of those weird people who have a chest of coins. I really like the silver dollars, silver half dollars, Susannah B. Anthony dollars and Sacagawea gold dollar coins. I collect them and put them in my treasure chest. It was a joy to find. Currently, I have 6 silver dollars, 12 silver half dollars and 27 Sacagawea dollars in it. Not much of a monetary treasure but very cool for me.

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