Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,


Thank goodness this week is over. I've been visiting with my friend Greg (aka Vulpin) lately since he's been up here for training. Last night, we had sushi at Rikki Rikki. Tonight, we're going out to Chinese. Tomorrow, we're visiting the Sci-Fi museum before I go LARP in the Heirs game. I think Sunday is devoted to collapsing and laundry. It's been good seeing Greg. I've introduced him to some of my gaming but forgot to mention to Rory and Ben that this was the Greg that Ximena's grandsire was based on. Yeah. I'm a geek. I use people I know as the basis for backstory for my characters. Unexpectedly, Gregor has now become a very active NPC in the Crimson Dawn game. Greg is amused. So am I.

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