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Abstract Thoughts has been updated with The Running Man - which is mostly about a game that I played in college that I'm trying to introduce to my friends and seem to be succeeding. It also has a link to that disturbing dream I had on Beltane that I finally wrote up.

May 4, 2005
The Running Man
When I was in college at UP, I had several sets of friends: my AFROTC buddies, my non-AFROTC buddies, my off campus buddies. Most of my on-campus friends hated my off -ampus friends and vice versa. Mostly because they were extreme left wing, paranoid conspiracy weekend warriors. Yeah. Didn't mix well with my more conservative, in the military friends. It got to the point that I stopped telling each group about what I did with the other group. Mostly because there was a lot of disapproval on both sides.

Yeah. Some of the stuff I did with my off-campus buddies was dangerous but I was young and immortal. Nothing could happen. We had all of these elaborate games we would play. Some fun and silly. Some of them were a bit nutty. Some of them were a bit on the dangerous side that's what made them so enticing.

One game was called Gotcha or Running Man. One person would be the Target or the Running Man. The rest would be the Trackers or Dogs. We would pick a starting point and an ending point. The Endpoint was usually next to or in front of an all night diner type of place. The Running Man got a 10 to 15 minute head start before the Dogs where on the chase. The basic rules were: No cars. Two hands on the Target with the spoken word of "Gotcha!" catches them. Two hands on the Endpoint location signified that the Running Man made it safely.

Sometimes, we would add in little role-playing details: Spy versus spy; Escaped prisoner; etc.... They weren't necessary but they were fun. One game, we played with toy guns but that got nipped in the bud when reports of cops shooting people with toy guns started surfacing. We decided the game was dangerous enough as it was because it was played late-late at night when the freaks were out.

I loved being the Running Man. I won the game more often than I lost. Most of the time, the game was played just for bragging rights and "No Shit, there I was..." stories. I tell you, the times I was the Target were awesome. I was a svelte 150 pounds and in prime military condition. I could run for miles without stopping, literally. Being chased through the darkened streets of downtown Portland was an incredible high. The paranoia, the thrill of being hunted or being the hunter, the blood pounding in your ears. I never felt so free in my life as when I was playing this game.

I think, that's why I love my running dreams so much. I want to be able to run like that again.

I have been thinking about Gotcha a lot lately. I really want to play it again. It can be played in the middle of the day or at night. Obviously, I can't run like I used to but I'm still smart and sly. I could still Dog the Target or make it to the Endpoint. I'm seriously thinking about setting up a couple of games of Gotcha over the summer. I wonder if anyone else is interested in playing it with me.


I've been talking with friends about this and everyone seems very interested in such a physical chase and be chased game. It also looks like some people are really interested in a version of the game where it is smaller play area with more buildings, like a college campus, for a more stalking (updated Hide -n- Seek) game. Same basic rules. I'm very pleasantly surprised that people like the idea and want to play.

Also, I have a tentative game set up for California when I visit in late September /early August! It will probably be on Stanford campus. Woot! I have a goal! I really need to work on getting in shape for a Running Man game now. Talk about motivation. If only I had thought to ask people if they wanted to play sooner. I thought it might be too simplistic or silly for everyone. If you are interested in being a Running Man or a Dog, let me know.

Man, I'm excited! This is going to be fun!

Recent Dreamlines...:

The Dreamer - My Beltane dream. This was a disturbing dream for me. So much so that it took me a couple of days to write it down. I am part of a dream study in Seattle. I am discovered to be an amazing dreamer who predicts the future. However, as it turns out, I am not just dreaming, I am creating and am making all of these things come to pass - including the end of the world.

Tacoma Screw - Interesting and strange dream this morning. It reminds me very much of a pseudo-birth dream in some instances. I am being chased by an animated construction vehicle. I instinctively flee to a remote farmhouse where I discover that this has all been planned for and I can escape through a secret tunnel. Ben has a cameo role in it. He continues to represent the archetype of the creative facilitator for me in my dreams.

I've been indulging in Starbucks lately and I happened by their website to look at the nutritional information. Great googlimoogli! Dear gods, my drink of choice is 510 calories! That's like a meal in and of itself! I am so going to have to quit drinking them and drop back to the much more manageable 180 calorie prepackaged mocha frappacino.

Tarot Card for the Day: Five of Swords, Inverted

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