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Abstract Thoughts has been updated with Work, Writing & Gaming, Oh My! - which is lighter than I have been writing about lately and is about what it says.

April 24
Work, Writing & Gaming, Oh My!

The last week or so has been almost exclusively devoted to work and writing. I have completed my word count on my contract with Sovereign Press on Time of the Twins and have sent it in on time. Yes! My record still holds. I was afraid there for a bit that this one might go over the deadline because of some writer's block and overtime at work. The writer's block was solved by the creative use of Tarot cards to help tell the background story for me when I couldn't think of anything.

Work was interesting. I experienced what I am calling my first "warp core breach" at MS on Thursday. Basically, something happens that a fix absolutely must go out immediately and ALL other meetings, projects, deadlines, etc... are secondary to this one breach. I ended up staying at work until almost midnight that night and had to warn the professor the next day in my "Mandatory Training" that I might be called away. I had set up another test point lead for Friday while I was in class but I still got called three times during the day. There was a whole lot of CYA going on and, ultimately, the buck stopped with me on the test side. It interesting, enlightening and something I do not want to do on a regular basis.

I'm going to spend the next week not writing anything major for several reasons: My brain is tired. It's going to be even more tired after a week of C# training. I like this professor. He's got the best geeky jokes. I want to do some major work on the Dream Tome and I just got 11 gig of MP3s to go through, weed out the crap that I don't want and transfer the rest to my iBook to upload to my iPod.


Last night was one of those extremely satisfying LARP experiences at Crimson Dawn. It had the conflicting emotions of love and anger, of grief and bemusement. It also had one of those incredible satisfying conflicts to get to the MacGuffin - that one thing Ximena had been chasing for over a year of game time, that she LOST two sessions ago and managed to recover this session. With a little help from her friends, of course. But, my goodness, I was on such a high after the game. Plus, the GMs tossed in a new NPC bad guy that really got Ximena's attention - because, at heart, Ximena is an aristocrat and she loves to play like one.

This was a fortuitous experience as just before the game started, Monte asked me what have been my top three gaming experiences and why. I've been thinking about and I think I've come up with two examples that really point out what I like about gaming.

The first was between Alex and I. We played in a D&D game called the North Kingdom Campaign for almost two years together. Bob, our GM was a master at intricate huge over all arching plots that interweave with smaller plots. Like we often did on the long drive home, Alex and I talked in character. There was one time towards the end of the adventure when Elea and Donnan were talking and one of us got a final necessary link, the keystone to the puzzle. We started brainstorming together and the pieces fell into place. It was a really cool scene and it felt awesome to finally put the piece of the puzzle together. After being amazed at how the plots wove together, I had a real sense of accomplishment.

The second was a bantering scene between Dora and Dante in the Revelations LARP. Dante was a fairly psychotic Giovanni. Dora was a overly confident Catiff. The two of them formed a weird relationship because Dora kept surprising Dante and I think because she amused him. There was one particular scene where they bantered back and forth but it was like dancing on the edge of a knife for Dora. She was poking the sleeping bear and he could wake up at any time. There was a real thrill of danger as she knew he was close to the edge of just dropping the façade of civility and making her live to regret it. It was very satisfying because we had dropped enough into character that I was feeling the emotions - fear, anticipation, desire, malice, amusement.

Tarot Card for the Day: Four of Swords, Inverted

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