Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

What? Me? Normal? Never!

Ben Liblit: How's your dream tome working out?
GaanEden: Slow but steady. I am working on 1998 right now.
Ben Liblit: Heh.
Ben Liblit: You have more good dreams in a week than I do in a year.
GaanEden: It's possible.
GaanEden: I don't write up every dream I remember.
GaanEden: For example, after the TAG dream, I had a dream dealing with me being chased by a two legged moose through a hotel.
Ben Liblit: =-O
Ben Liblit: Now that's a cool dream.
Ben Liblit: I think I have dream envy.
GaanEden: There was some religious imagery to it because I think I was chasing a man who was or was going to become a cardinal.
Ben Liblit: LOL
Ben Liblit: OK, now you're just showing off. :-P
GaanEden: Or showing how insane I am.
Ben Liblit: No, insane would be if this wasn't a dream.
GaanEden: I'd be rich. A two legged moose and all.
Ben Liblit: But what would the Roman Catholic Church say?
GaanEden: I was seeking guidance but I wasn't ready for it, yet?
Ben Liblit: Per Freud: Sometimes a two-legged cardinal-elect-charser-chasing moose is ... umm ... just a two-legged cardinal-elect-charser-chasing moose.
GaanEden: *snicker* I have to blog this.
Ben Liblit: Hee.
Ben Liblit: {waves} Hi Mom!

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