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Fun dream this morning. It involves a live action assassination game in a hotel where, like lazer tag, you can take multiple hits. Appearances by s33ker, vmurther and ratontheroad.

16 April 2005
The Choice

I was in a hotel visiting with Ice. He was playing some sort of live action assassination game and he did not have a team to back him up. He wanted me to run his command center. I reluctantly agreed. I had come here to visit with him. Not be in some game. At first, everything was in shambles. We were building towers from PVC pipe and I had to set a fan on the computer so it wouldn't overheat.

Then, as the game went on, things got better. We hooked up with Monte, a sniper and Ryan (RatontheRoad), a mercenary. Ice and Monte were off taking out targets all over the hotel while I coordinated things from the command center which was an open cube in the hotel lobby. Very unsecured but I defended it. At one point, when some people sat down too close to us to rest, I asked them to move. They wouldn't. So, I shot them with a silenced gun, saying "Take a death then." They moved pretty quickly after that.

This isn't to say all was smooth on CnC. At one point, I set off a grenade but had forgotten to actually place it in its spot and almost blew up command central. Ice's main talent seemed to be seducing females of the other teams, drugging them, then locking them up. Monte sniped people. Ryan, I believe, was just backing me up while causing his own havoc.

Another team got wise to Monte and trapped him in the elevator. I laughed as Ryan returned from whatever he was doing. "He'll be out of that elevator in no time. Out the ceiling and up the ladder." I shook my head as Ryan laughed. He fidgeted a bit with his gun standing near me while I worked on the computer and talked to Ice on the headset.

I didn't know that Ryan was standing there, debating a choice in his head. Our team (Ice, Monte, Me) was winning at this point. Another team decided it was because I was doing all the coordinating. They offered Ryan a lot to take me out in either death or capture. Preferably capture for interrogation. He really enjoyed working with me and with the team. Was thinking about officially joining. The choice was a difficult one to make. I woke up before he decided what to do about me.

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