Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,


Me: I have been searching for two days for a map of Krynn at the time of the Cataclysm with all of the Towers of Sorcery clearly marked. Do you have something like this? Or could you quickly cobble something together?

Him: There is no such map. But yes I could throw one together for you. Do you need all the nation names labels on the map or just the locations of the Towers? (Lots of questions about when, etc..) I should be able to have something for you by this afternoon. But if it helps the locations would be Palanthas, Southern Qualinesti (Wayreth), Daltigoth on Southern Ergoth, The Tower of Istar in the Blood Sea and the Last Tower is the Tower of Losarcum which is located to the north east of Kendermore.

I love my artist. I think I'll keep him. This is going make my writing that much easier. Plus, he's going to make a specific map for my Alternate Krynn. *happies*

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