Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,


Cynthia is sick and I've just been handed a crapload of stuff to do at work.


I have to do this week (2.5 days left):
1 - Two half day automation classes
2 - Complete automation of my BVTs
3 - Read and comment on two specs that have meetings next Monday
4 - Complete Outlook testing
5 - Complete acceptance testing on two different builds

Do you know what I've just been assigned to do as my top priority? Copy and past 200+ GB18030 test cases from our database into an excel document for our International testers who suddenly must have them, cannot use our database and need to complete GB18030 certification by this Friday.

Could they find a trained monkey to do this job? No. Of course not. They needed me because I'm the loc point of contact and every person in the department is working at 150% already. Wonderful. It fucking figures.

I am so going to need my 3pm coffee o'clock and walk. I'm ready to kill someone over this. It's going to be a late night.


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