Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

The Numbers

This reminds me a lot of unkyrich. It made me smile.

In other less pleasant news, I just got the final numbers on the assessment for my condo. $565/month for seven years starting May 1st. That, folks, is a new car or new granite countertops and nice wooden kitchen cabinets. That is more money than I have ever spent on any one thing including my college education except for my house which this is for. A loan until 2012, which according to some, is the year the world will change forever. Yeah. I can see it. I pay off this loan and the end of the world comes. Just my luck.

That is also most of my monthly disposable cash. No more randomly buying things just because I want them. I'm actually going to have to sit down and make a budget that includes a disposable cash allowance for me. I haven't had to do a budget for myself in many years. Believe me, the idea of it chaffs. I suppose because I grew up poor and had some hard times when I was a young adult. The petulant child in me is stomping her feet and sulking, "But, we got past all that."

Ah, well. I suppose the exercise will be good for me.

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