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Abstract Thoughts has been updated with Dreamlines - some noodlings about dreams and the people I dream about (not posted in LJ) and Norwescon - which is the basic convention report from this last weekend.

March 28

What a convention. This was not the same convention I visited 15 years ago, that much is certain. Though, some of the people stayed the same and many people recognized me. Unfortunately, I didn't always recognize them. That's alright. People were friendly and so was I.

I volunteered on IT staff with Rory and did some volunteering at Registration as well since I was there. I must admit, volunteering for IT is extremely stressful and something happened on every one of my shifts. Fortunately, I was able to fix or create workarounds for each incident. I'm not sure I want to volunteer for IT next year. The whole setting up and tearing down pretty much sucked. Not anyone's fault. It's just the nature of the job. However, I know I will be volunteering. I liked registration. That was fun.

The writing panels I went to were interesting but I did not learn anything new. They were, on the good side, excellent for networking. I have one author very interested in Grants Pass and, if I can't get a big publisher to pick up Grants Pass, I found an excellent small publisher to do a small run of it. Grants Pass will be published somehow, someway! I also did get a very odd rejection from one of the author guests of honor when I asked if he would be interested in seeing a proposal for Grants Pass. He said, "No. I'm not. I've already had a vasectomy. I'm not interested in the end of the world." I'm still not sure what he meant by that. Maybe it's a guy thing?

I spent an obscene amount of money at Norwescon. My largest purchase was a new underbust corset. I was able to get one off the rack! I was so happy and it really finished off and complimented the gothic lady costume I had made. I have never had someone chase me down in the halls before just to get a picture of me before. Nor have I ever had people ambush me in bathrooms asking me all about the costume. I even had a rather odd woman question me about it when I went out to Denny's with Mark and Ben. I looked hot! Ximena now has a new outfit to wear.

Heh. Conventions are excellent for the ego, too. I had so many passes made at me I didn't know how to respond. Sunday night, one of the guys from Xcentricity who made my new corset flirted with me and teased me unmercifully! Yes, yes. I loved it. My only problem was that I did not know how to politely deflect the passes from those people who are not strangers but were not really friends either. I had some of that going on. Ah, well. The worst pick up line I got over the weekend was from a drunk guy at the Shockwave party. "The dance floor is sticky..." I think it was his explanation on why he was trying to dance so close to me.

Friday night, I hung out with Ben and Mark and got extremely tipsy. I wasn't falling down drunk. I was, however, very giggly and I remember saying, "Oh, hello" when the world would bobble a bit. We went to Aftershock (which was kind of lame) and to the Biohazard party (which was pretty awesome). Lots of good talking, drinking and the like.

I, however, am a freaking lightweight when it comes to drinking these days. I had a raging hangover for most of Saturday. To the point that I had to leave Alan Dean Foster's "The World in 30 years" - a video travelogue of his travels around the world over the past 30 years - because the moving video footage was making me motion sick. I went back to bed for another hour or so. After that, I felt much better. Plus, Rory insisted that I get some food in my tummy before I went on duty for my IT shift.

I managed to get through almost all of the convention without hurting myself until Sunday afternoon during the final Registration tear down. Somehow, as I was moving around the table to pull apart one of the computers, I tripped over a box, then over the sand bucket holding up one of the Registration signs and slammed both of my knees into the ground. Primarily, I slammed my weak left knee. It was a spectacular crash as someone else had to grab the sign before it smacked me in the head. A bunch of people ran over and I was stunned. Not wanting to make a scene, I kept telling everyone I was fine. Really, just fine. No... no, I wasn't. Jeff made me sit down and ice my knee. Fortunately, my hair is long enough to hide my face while I cried from the pain, shock and embarrassment. I was sent home early. It kind of sucked.

However, barring that little mishap, I had a really good time at the convention and I learned something very important. After listening to Greg Cox speak about being a TOR stable author, I really, really do not want to make my living in writing. At least, not like that. The idea of being required to write an entire novel from start to finish, including edits, in 30 days, gives me the hives. I never want to have to take that kind of contract in order be able to eat. I want writing to continue being fun for me. I'm a regular contributor for Sovereign Press now. I've got my various books and short stories. I would be happy to have that as a main focus but I do not want to have to depend on it.

Tarot Card for the Day: Three of Swords

Most likely, there will also be a fun little TMI post about the convention and some thoughts within during the next couple of days as well.

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