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This morning, I had one of those incredibly cool dreams that I don't like waking up from except to remember them. I am on my dream college campus, playing a long running LARP. While people are after my character, I explore the buildings on campus and enjoy the architecture immensely. Along the way, I have the rare chance to see what the original campus looked like. Guest appearances by fullcontactmuse and bysmael.

21 March 2005
Exploring Campus

Ben, Rory and I were attending a very old university. I was thinking of running a game of TAG (the Assassination Game) for everyone on campus. I met up with Ben at a well established café. It had the feeling of one that had been around for a very long time. We talked for a bit about school and gaming. I left and on the way home, I stopped and talked to an Asian girl I knew. We were part of a long running LARP. The LARP was one of those games that ran for weeks at a time during certain hours. I was a human in the game. She was a werewolf. Rory and Ben were a vampires. In game, I knew something that I shouldn't. As I arrived home to my dorm, I knew they would be coming for me. I stayed in my dorm room for a while, hiding out and planning on pretending that I just wasn't there, just in case they were going to do some bad to me. Then, I decided that I wasn't going to be a sitting duck and decided to wander the campus.

It was a beautiful campus. One I had been to in my dreams before. The sun was shinning, the flowers were in bloom. People walked to and fro. I waved at Robert as I went by. I entered one campus building and started exploring it. When I got to the forth floor, it was my dorm building again. The fourth floor had a different layout than the rest of the building. I was stopped by one girl when I entered an area. "What are you doing here?" She asked. "I was bored. So, I decided to explore. Are there any stairs that way?" "No, just there and back the way you came. But the way you came is easier."

I immediately did not want to go the easy way. So, down the center set of stairs into a theater where they were doing set building. Rory was there, using a power saw. I stopped to talk to him. He told me I was lucky because his character had been coming after mine but he got distracted by the theater set building. I laughed at him and told him that was fine by me. "Oh, well, I'm not the only one looking for you, you know." "I know." I waved at him and continued exploring the building.

The architecture was just beautiful and there were so many twisting passage ways. "This is perfect for a game of TAG. Perfect. Though, I would have to referee the first one. It wouldn't be fair for me to know the building so well and be the only one with the experience. I'll run the first one. Then, the winner of that game will run the next one. THEN, I will show everyone what I'm made of." I thought as I walked along the rampart next to a parapet wall and onto a covered stone bridge.

*flash to black and white imagery of a memory of my first real life game of TAG at University of Portland of me coming down a hallway to surprise the last two players, shooting both of them in the back at the same time with two fisted gun-fu, John Woo style*

As I walked around the building, I came upon a part where they were doing renovations. An old man in white was sitting there. He was mumbling to himself. I looked around and I could see more than what was actually there. I should see the campus of the past and the old architecture. The foreman came to talk to me about the renovations. The old man grumbled at the new statues that were going in. He looked at me. "You saw how it should be. I know you saw. Now, you're just like the rest." I nodded at him. "I know. I'm sorry. I started thinking too hard. I stopped seeing when I started looking." The old man turned away.

I turned back to the foreman to explain and saw Ben coming towards me down the stone patio. He was moving in slow motion as the rest of the students bustled about him. Suddenly, I remembered we were playing the game and his character was after mine, too. I spun around and sprinted up the stairway in slow motion with Ben coming after me.


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