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I have been accepted by the Furry Friends Rescue organization as a foster home for felines. (I think I would have been accepted no matter what. They have 37 kittens needing homes and more on the way...) I handed in my paperwork yesterday and got told that they had a litter of three kittens waiting for me. Though, the FFR foster supervisor will be coming by to look at the apartment just to be sure all is well. I suspect the apartment look over and the kitten handing over will happen on the same day. So, I have 1-2 days to kitten proof my apartment. (HAH!)

Luckily for me, FFR will be providing everything: litter, food, cat box, collars, leashes, toys, scratching post, sleeping cage and anything else they think I'll need. What I have to provide is a safe, stable home and lots of love for the three kittens and, if I can, transportation to and from the showcases. I think I can handle that.

Yes, I will be having visiting hours for all my friends to come see the kittens. *smile* I have to make sure that they are socialized. So, as soon as I have them, the visitation hours will begin as well.

As part of the kitten proofing, I'm finally going through all of the boxes in my den. 90% of it is being tossed out. However, I came across several packs of pictures from long ago. Talk about flashbacks.

... Me with John Delancy at ShuttleCon 95. I can't believe how slender and pretty I was back then. I'll have to see if I can get that picture scanned.

... Me and the Reliant at a Mall recruiting. I was in my white Deanna Troi outfit.

... Dennis in his uniform.

... A picture of Chris.

... Johanna and her then boyfriend, Scott, going at it with boffer weapons.

... A picture of my father and I at Monterary. I think I was 18. That one got put some place safe. Another one where I was young, pretty, slender... and thought I was ugly, fat and worthless. I really, really wish I could go back in time and have a long talk with my younger self.

... A couple of college pictures - Debi, JamesW, Robert, Cherny.

There are so many memories. So many dreams I had - and forgot. Don't get me wrong, I've fulfilled a lot of my dreams. It's just strange, sometimes, to unexpectedly be tossed back into a forgotten time to compare then and now.

I suppose I should stop this meloncoly train of thought, get something to eat and get back to cleaning and kitten proofing.

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