Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

So sharp she never even realized she was cut...

A random IM in the afternoon. These kids today. How can they get by not knowing how to do such simple math?

psychochyck6669: HELLO
GaanEden: Hello?
psychochyck6669: what's your name oh wait i bet it's Jenn
GaanEden: Yes. Who are you?
psychochyck6669: i am Danielle
GaanEden: Have we met, Danielle?
psychochyck6669: no
GaanEden: Alright. What can I do for you?
psychochyck6669: nothing really i am just very bored
psychochyck6669: how about you
GaanEden: How did you get my IM?
GaanEden: I am at work.
psychochyck6669: on the lookupreply list
GaanEden: Gotcha.
psychochyck6669: where do you work
GaanEden: Microsoft.
psychochyck6669: sounds fun
psychochyck6669: how old are you
GaanEden: For certain definitions of the word fun, yes.
GaanEden: How old are you?
psychochyck6669: 18
GaanEden: I am 150% of your age.
psychochyck6669: and how old would that be
GaanEden: :-) That is for you to figure out.
psychochyck6669: i am no good in math sorry
GaanEden: Ok... 100% of 18 = 18.
GaanEden: What is 50% of 18?
psychochyck6669: i think like .............uh 9
GaanEden: Right. So... 100% of 18 plus 50% of 18 equals what?
psychochyck6669: uh........27
GaanEden: Right.
GaanEden: Now you know how old I say I am and how to deal with percentages.
psychochyck6669: you would be an awesome math teacher
GaanEden: Probably not. I'm too impatient but since I have time while my automation test cases run, you are sufficiently entertaining.
psychochyck6669: why thank you
GaanEden: You are welcome.
psychochyck6669: you are much more nicer than the other people i talk to on here
GaanEden: Most people do not welcome random IMs. Most of the time, I have people keep moving. You caught me at a good time, in a good mood.
psychochyck6669: well than i am glad i did and i am very glad you are in a good mood
GaanEden: And now, I have to go to a meeting. So, I need to bring this little diversion to an end.
psychochyck6669: well ok
GaanEden: Have a good day.
psychochyck6669: you to bye

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