Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

Interesting Dream this morning...

13 March 2005
The Snake

My brother and I were walking through the mall. It's early in the day but, for some reason, most of the stores we want to do to are closed. We stop by a restaurant for a bagel and juice. While there, I look at one of my purchase of a tiny snake that is very unhappy with me. I don't know how to handle it and I ask my brother for help. He gives me one of his bags to put it in because, for some reason, the restaurant is closing.

He and I leave, knowing that something is wrong. Something is following us. I see that the snake is free within the bag and this really upsets me. I don't want it to escape but nor do I want it to hurt me. He tells me to get on the bus with him. While I'm getting on, I see my old boss from PlaceWare, Greg. For some reason, he really reminds me of Terry Quinn (Locke from Lost).

He has me sit down, then to goes and gets Greg. Greg comes over and I tell him of my problem with my snake. Greg takes the snake out of the bag that is now twice as big as it was before and shows me that the snake cannot harm me. He lets the snake bite him a couple of times and shows no pain or fear. Then, he hands the snake to me. I hold it, trying to keep it from biting me but it does bite me and there is no pain. My fear was for nothing. I calm down and the snake calms down.

Greg and I get off the bus and go into this 2-3 story lighthouse. Inside, it seems like an old mansion. It is dusty everywhere. But, as we go through it, the lighthouse renews itself and suddenly, everything is ready for a celebration. I let my snake go to wander on its own. Greg looks at me and smiles. "See? This is where you need to be." I nod and agree with him.


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