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March 10

I went to both of my LARPs in the past week or so and had a really good time at both.

In Crimson Dawn, Ximena got to go on a treasure hunt while in Kiev and she got that damn obelisk back. I have been assured that that plotline is moving to a point where Ximena no longer has to be completely focused on it. For which I am thankful. 10 months is a long time for the character to be obsessed with a single hunk of rock. If she hasn't been looking for it, she's been studying it. It's been stolen twice now. She's very close to opening the bloody thing. I hope that resolves things one way or another. I've already picked out my next character for the game should this obelisk thing make Ximena unplayable.

In Heirs 2.0, Rowen has somehow become everyone's favorite. I'm guessing that's because she's a straight shooter and willing help. Plus, she doesn't ask all those annoying questions. Frankly, she really doesn't care about the political details. As long as her books are safe, she's good. Of course, this does seem to have those around her with an interest in protecting her a bit nervous. More fun for me to be oblivious. I am trying very hard not to throw myself into anything too political.


General status check: Still employed. Still single. Car is still running. Still slightly depressed. Got my taxes in and getting a very nice refund. Allergy season has hit hard. However, I also have a really, really nasty cold that has me stuffed up and a sore throat. Work is moving right along. I am not doing too badly on the changes and the automation is almost done. I like that. New Moon tonight. Minor drama with friends that seems to have worked itself out, thank goodness. I'm currently watching Millennium, season 2 and that is a truly screwy show. It creeps me out and makes me think "What if...?"


I just found out that my seven year old niece fell off her play set and broke both of her arms. It seems she has inherited my title of Miss Calamity Jane of the family. She will be fine and she's in good spirits. Nice to know. I remember when I was young and immortal. Just imagining what I would have to do if I broke both of my forearms makes me wince. I should write her a get well letter. I bet she would be thrilled to get something from Auntie Jenn in the mail.


I had a doctor's appointment today to get another fill for my lapband. I now have 2.5cc of saline in the band that has a max capacity of 4.0cc. Doc Watkins tells that that is a very aggressive fill. The hole in my band between the stoma and stomach is now about the diameter of an average pen. He tells me that this should really affect things. I hope so. Though, not too much. I would hate to have too hard of a time eating.


Woot! I have good news on the writing front. I will know more soon. I am certain a new project will be eating my brain very quickly.

Tarot Card for the Day: Two of Swords

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