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Leigh Ann and I did not make it to the club. At 4:45pm, I got told I had to stay late and deal with an emergency issue with tool and an upgrade. So, I didn't get out of work until 6:30pm. Obviously late for my dinner with Leigh Ann. Both of us had had really bad weeks. We decided to indulge in sushi, then go our separate ways. So, I just ended up writing a nightmare for one of my characters (Chloe) who noticed that another character (Rachel) was acting an awful lot like a stalker ex of hers.

Chloe walked through the darkened halls of the museum. It was her favorite time of night when everyone but the one lone guard who infrequently patrolled. This was when the museum was hers and hers alone. As she strolled through her domain, she came to hear a second set of footsteps walking in time with hers. She stopped and looked but the footsteps also stopped and there was no one there. Shaking her head she smiled at her own jumpiness and started walking again. The footsteps immediately started up, an unwelcome echo. Frightened, Chloe began to run through the halls of the museum; once familiar and comforting, now alien and unnerving.

She ran to the stairwell and ran downwards, fleeing the footsteps. Out of the corner of her eye, she could see who followed her. Thomas. The man she worked so hard to get away from. The man that everyone loved but did not really know. He was here, in her place. It made her angry as well as scared. She stopped at the emergency door exit, panting. As she turned, she shouted "Go away! You're not wanted! I don't want you!"

The footsteps paused. "But, you do. You have always wanted me to take care of you. Now, I will." The footsteps began again. Slower and more deliberate. Frozen in her spot by the door, Chloe could only watch as Thomas descended the stairs. In his hand was a buck knife dripping blood. "This time, I am going to love you to death."

With a cry of fear, Chloe burst through the door and into the lobby of Whitetail Grove apartments. She ran across the room towards the lounge. In the lounge doorway, a brunette in a hat stood with her back to Chloe. "Please! You have to help me! He's coming!" She begged the woman.

The woman, who Chloe now recognized as Rachel, turned to her and placed a well manicured fingertip to her lips. "Shhhhh. I'm watching."

"Watching who?"

Rachel turned back and pointed into the lounge. Chloe could see the lounge was filled with her friends... Vance, Val, Aria, Angel, Vito, Nick and Juice. "I'm watching them."

"But why?"

"Because it might be amusing. I like watching them. Just like I like watching you." Rachel turned back to Chloe but she was no longer Rachel. In her stead, Thomas stood. He reached out and grabbed Chloe by the arms. "I'm watching you. I have you. I'm going take care of you forever!"

Chloe screamed, flailing her arms at Thomas, kicking her legs to get away from this monster of her past. But, he was too strong for her. With a strong jerk, he slammed her into the wall next to him.

She found herself on the floor of her bedroom, tangled in the sweat soaked sheets that held her arms pinioned. Still in thrall of the nightmare, she kicked out again with a cry, freeing herself from her bonds and scrabbled backwards until she hit the wall. Slowly coming to understand that it had only been a nightmare, Chloe began to cry.

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