Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

Weird Email!

I just got the weirdest email sent to me about my Grants Pass anthology. I can't really tell if this guy is looking to impress me with a story idea or what. You be the judge.

Date: Tue, 1 Mar 2005 08:40:02 -0800
From: adam [CENSORED] (Because I'm being nice)
Subject: Contacting_Jennifer_Brozek Grants Pass Anthology project.

I thought about what you said in your Grants Pass Anthology project.

I think doing things in groups is a good idea.
have you thought of meeting on the radio?
much easier than going somewhere till you know what is going on.
I plan on using 6.955Mhz on the first of the month at sunrise and sunset.
this is the favorite pirate radio station frequency, that is why I pick it.
I have seeds for about 80 types of food, I know how to rebuild a city, make steel plants, water treatment plants, roads, alcohol from corn and how to get a car to run on it, ect...
I am prepared for just about anything, and know know things need to be done in groups, so I am looking for others, but I have been to Grants Pass and think it would be a bad place to go under any conditions, although it is good looking, have you met all the retired people there ?
so, find me on the radio, there is almost always a ham radio guy that is prepared for a power outage.

are you single? I think you are cute.

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