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February 6
Stereotypically Me

Work promises to be very trying over the next couple of weeks. On tap is to finish the full test pass on something that I am currently blocked on. Next up is more automation. On the happy dance side of things, I'm the first person to get 80% of priority one test cases automated on a feature. Granted that feature area is simple and didn't have a lot in the way of automation. Still, it looks nice on the numbers.

I still don't know who my official boss will be at the end of the month. I think I know who it is but, there are no guarantees. Plus, we are going through a cycle of writing and re-writing our mid-year reviews which are supposed to be focused on career growth. I really hate this stuff. I do. It makes me want to break out in hives or go get a nice, safe, dull secretary job somewhere. Microsoft is a tough place to work.


On the writing side of things, I got a very exciting email from one of the editors at Sovereign Press. This isn't my usual editor. He told me that he wants me to work with him on his upcoming project for the Dragonvarld RPG based around Margaret Weis' novels: Mistress of Dragons and The Dragon's Son. He wants to work with me because he's read some of my stuff and really likes my writing style. Believes it will suit the material he wants me to write. He's sending me out at least the first Dragonvarld book.

Plus, if there are any more products for the new Firefly RPG, Serenity, he will keep me in mind for it because he knows I love the series. How's that for cool? I'm terribly excited about all this.


The new Heirs to the Fall game has started and playing Rowen is going to be tough for me. It really is. She sticks out like a sore thumb with her pink tops and blue jeans amidst the swath of broody, angsty Dead in black. It was really quite fun. Plus, reading the romance novel during the game was just rotting my brain. It was really bad. I'm going to have to move to the Anita Blake series or Feehan's Dark series. Something with an actual plot as well as sex. Though, reading out loud to some people was terribly amusing.

The other difficulty was playing someone who was not sharply political. Someone who has business savvy but is used to working alone and not with other vampires. When it comes to kindred politics, she is over her head. So, she's blunt, to the point and doesn't think about her words before she says them. I'm sure I'm going to give Ben's character a heart attack before this is all over. Fun. I have hope for this game.


Leigh-Ann and I went shopping and two surprising things happened. I discovered I've been wearing the wrong size bra for about the last two years. I thought I was a 42D and it turns out I'm a 42DD. Which explains why I could never get that nice lift and separate that other women have. Apparently, I've been flattening my boobs down so they press towards my tummy. Trying on the right size bra was an experience and, suddenly, I have one heck of a rack on me. *grin*

The other surprising thing was finding at really nice black Victorian type top with antiqued lacing. I put it together with a long slender black skirt and suddenly, I had a new outfit to the go to the club in. Lane Bryant is not a store I look at for gothic clothing. It was a very nice unexpected find. So, it looks like I will be dancing and drinking the night away at the Mercury this coming Saturday in it. Sounds like an excellent time to me.

Tarot Card for the Day: Queen of Cups, Inverted

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