Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

The Race Continues!

Well, things are still going hot and heavy at gothroyalty with my application. Currently, it is now 25 yes and 22 no. I need 30 yes or 30 no to be in or out. However, if I get the 30 yes, I still need to be approved by the parent community. At this point, I'm thinking the mods are going to have to reject me because I really just don't fit their standard of goth visually and my gothitude mentally is confusing some. Cerebral goths are apparently quite the rarity. This whole thing is far more interesting than I thought it would be. Still, I would like to get in. If not, I guess I'll just keep watching from the outside because they do post about the most interesting stuff.

[Edit: I'm up to 29 yes and 27 no. Also, I have been informed by the fabulous batty that lacournoire no longer does the 2nd step.]

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