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I need to finish up my third book proposal for the White Wolf contest. So, what did I do instead? I updated my Dreamlines... Realities Within page and added two new dreams:

10 January: Bad, Bad Girl - While visiting my friend Heather, I get into quite the mood and go out of my way to be wicked with the help of my friends Heather (artistic_chaos) and Lori (random_girl).

10 January 2005
Bad, Bad Girl

I'm at a party with Heather and Lori. I think it is supposed to be Heather's house in Sacramento. I am being very wicked, flirting with taken men, teasing others so they fight over me. The party continues on for some time, then it is morning and I am supposed to go home. However, when I look outside, it is snowing hard and I see someone have an accident. "Looks like I get to stay here longer."

This apparently means that Lori, Heather and I go to the Mall/Casino. We are hungry and decide to go to the food court. While we are in line for food, I hear the girl at the cash register say to Lori, "Looks like it's daddy's day off." Meaning we are sneaking out from our father's care. I find this incredibly insulting and resolve to teach this girl a lesson.

When it is my turn at the counter and she says it to me, I burst into tears, crouching and crying. Heather and Lori try to console me, not sure what is up but know I'm planning something. They give her dirty looks. When I stand, I am angry and still crying. "It's daddy's day off because he's dead!" I spit at her. "He died on Thanksgiving!" The girl is mortified and tries to apologize but as I am not consolable, she leaves the issue to her manager to deal with.

I tell him maybe she should have etiquette lessons and that not only will I never shop there again, I will tell all my friends what happened. Then, I flounce off with Heather. We hold our demeanor until we get into the casino then we start laughing. "Oh, you are a bad, bad girl!" Heather tells me.

"I know, I wonder what other trouble we can get into."

"How about gambling?" Lori is back and she hands me a stack of gambling tokens. It is clear she got them from the manager I was just yelling at. "Here's your hush money..." She kisses a second stack of coins. "... and my commission." We all laugh and Lori is very pleased with herself.

We start looking around the casino to see what mischief we can get into.


4 February: Bug Hunting - I am on my friend bug hunt with my squad but there are some oddities that I simply accept. My friend Ben (bysmael) is there with me, giving me advice on hunting bugs.

4 February 2005
Bug Hunting

I was part of a military operation that was going to take on a ship of "bugs" a la Starship Troopers. I am in full camouflage gear and I have weapons. We are sneaking through the boat, heading to the cargo area. The "watcher" me notices that I don't actually have any weapons but, the way I hold my hands says I have a submachine gun.

Ben is one of my squad mates. He tells me to make sure I hit the brainstem of these creatures because they are fast and vicious. I nod. I'm nervous. This is my first bug hunt. We seem to be on an old fashioned galley as we sneak through in our ultra-modern garb and gear. We come to the opening to the hold in the floor and the Commander, Michael Ironside, starts issuing the squad commands with hand signals.

First, the hold is opened and a smoking box is dropped into it. This is to smoke the bugs out because we, being smart, don't want to go down into the hold - their territory - blindly. A second smoking box is dropped but it gets stuck in the hold entrance, blocking the entrance and making the smoke worse for the bugs.

I stand there, nervous but ready, holding out my hand in the shape of a gun. I have two fingers extended to show that my weapon is still the submachine gun. The Commander comes over to me and asks, "What the hell is this?" He gestures to my ear. Incongruously, I find that I am wearing a pair of dangly gold earrings with my fatigues. I have no idea why I am wearing them but, when I go to take them off, the Commander tells me to leave them on. That we will deal with them later.

The bugs are now battering the smoking box that is blocking the entrance into the hold. Ben shifts back to me, "You never know what you're gonna get. If it's the big bugs, we might be in trouble. If it's the little ones, just stomp them. Alright, it looks like it's gonna give way. Get ready." I nod once to him and raise my weapon, waiting for the bugs to come flooding out.


I just realized that I'm starting my ninth year of dream journaling. It's intriguing to go back and see what was in my dreams years ago and to remember what was affecting me back then.

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