Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

The Race is On!

I've submitted my application to gothroyalty yesterday and it seems to be a fairly controversial application. Well, if not controversial, at least thought provoking. So far, I have 20 yes votes and 14 no votes. I need 30 yes or no votes to be in or out plus the approval of the mod group. It's a very interesting social dynamic to watch. I'll let you know either way. [Update: 25 yes, 23 no. Though, I'm getting some nice compliments from the no people.]

On the awesome side, I got an email from an editor from Sovereign Press (not my usual editor) and he wants me to work with him on a new project in the Dragonvarld world! As in, he has read some of my stuff and has me specifically in mind for the work because of my writing style. Sweet! He's sending me the first couple of Dragonvarld books for me to get a feel of the culture and setting. This is very exciting to me. It looks like my writing docket will soon be full.

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