Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

This is just SO wrong!

Jenn/Me: I get to play Rowen this Saturday. I need to go find a good romance novel to bring with me.
Monte: "good romance novel"
Jenn/Me: Well... hard to do.
Jenn/Me: Entertaining romance novel?
Jenn/Me: I think I have one with Fabio on the front called "Pirate!" I think. It was in a bag of books my mom gave me.
Jenn/Me: If not, I have all of those Vampire romance novels to read and I'm sure I have at least one anthology of supernatural romance stories.
Monte: Take the Fabio
Monte: As I recall, the book "Pirate" is coauthored by Fabio
Jenn/Me: Oh wow.
Jenn/Me: That would be doubtly interesting to Rowen.
Jenn/Me: *face palm* I can't believe I'm going to have to do research on Fabio for a character.
Monte: He came out with three or so
Monte: all with him on the cover, of course
Jenn/Me: Of course!
Jenn/Me: You know, I've never actually read it. Now I'm going to have to so I can gush about it in character. My God, this character is so not me. What a study in masochism.
Monte: *evil grin*
Jenn/Me: You are being evil.
Monte: I just think it is funny.
Monte: You get to play a character who gushes about FABIO
Monte: That rules
Jenn/Me: At least, I'll know when I'm in character.

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